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Today, Amy Schumer joined Ellen DeGeneres to say goodbye to the long-running daytime discuss present host, and shared particulars about her husband’s latest prognosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder to the TV viewers.

Schumer shared that her husband Chris Fischer has been recognized with ASD, and she or he mentioned it’s a super-powerful prognosis of kinds. For instance, “If somebody is telling a long boring story, he will straight up walk away. He’ll just wander away and I’m still stuck there like ‘Mmmhmm, mmhmm.’”

She additionally famous that individuals nonetheless don’t know a lot about autism, and she or he hit the nail on the pinnacle.

“They’re identical to, ‘Oh does he love to count, you know…should we drop a bunch of straws on the floor and he can count them?’”

Fischer knew that he was on the spectrum prior to his diagnosis, but an online test helped him find precisely where he was on that spectrum. It also made it easier for him to go through life knowing that his behaviors were honest and genuine to himself.

The official diagnosis came years into their marriage, and Schumer notes that some of her favorite people are on the spectrum — one being her husband, whom she maintains that she adores.

DeGeneres added that people diagnosed with ASD have such beautiful and honest behaviors and agreed that some of her favorite people on the spectrum too. Some of the aspects of their personalities are different, and while Schumer noted that sometimes that could upset people, it’s merely that their brains have completely different chemistry. 

While there are 5 main kinds of Autism, the spectrum is a variety that individuals exist on. Understanding an ASD prognosis may imply the distinction between somebody discovering acceptance and somebody being left on the outskirts. 

The ranges of an autism prognosis are so assorted that it may be laborious to pinpoint the place somebody is on the spectrum with out the right testing and therapies carried out. Still, as Schumer and Degeneres be aware, it’s important to know and settle for individuals with a prognosis of any variety. 

Schumer laughed and mentioned that individuals recognized with ASD “like to count, but there’s a depth that is often unexplored. It’s not just counting and tics; it’s not always sunshine and rainbows either.”

You can discover out extra about Autism Spectrum Disorder at the CDC’s website page on ASD. 

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