Amitabh Bachchan has responded to an individual, recognized as his ‘top fan’ on Facebook, who questioned the actor about signing an endorsement deal for a paan masala model. Amitabh endorses the model together with Ranveer Singh. Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan additionally promote one other model of paan masala.

Addressing Bachchan, the person wrote, “प्रणाम सर सिर्फ एक बात ही पूछनी है,, आपसे क्या जरूरत है, आपको भी कमला पसन्द पान मसाले का विज्ञापन करना पड़ा,,फिर क्या फर्क है आपमे और इन टटपुँजियो में (Why did you need to do pan masala ad? Sir, you are an idol for crores of people. If you do such ads, what is the difference between you and these sell-outs?).” Many folks spoke about this on the actor’s timeline, commenting that he was sending the improper message to the nation by doing such adverts.

Here’s what Amitabh Bachchan replied to his fan.

The actor wrote, ” Vijay Kalla मान्यवर, क्षमा प्रार्थी हूँ, किसी भी व्यवसाय में यदि किसी का भला हो रहा है, तो ये नहीं सोचना चाहिए कि हम उसके साथ क्यूँ जुड़ रहे हैं ! हाँ, यदि व्यवसाय है तो उसमें हमें भी अपने व्यवसाय के बारे में सोचना पड़ता है । अब आपको ये लग रहा है की मुझे ये नहीं करना चाहिए था, लेकिन इसको करने से, हाँ मुझे भी धनराशि मिलती है, लेकिन हमारे उद्योग में जो बहुत से लोग काम कर रहे hain (Sir, I ask in your forgiveness. If somebody is doing nicely of their enterprise, we should always not marvel why we’re becoming a member of them. If there’s a enterprise, we even have to consider our enterprise. You really feel I mustn’t have performed this, I used to be additionally paid for it however there are a lot of folks working in our career).”

Bachchan is at the moment hosting  Kaun Banega Crorepati 13.

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