Stand-up comic Amit Tandon requires a change within the mindset of people that attempt to slot comedians as simply professionals making folks snigger. He feels that’s not the fitting definition of a comic today.

“In current times, I look at myself, just like a lot of comedians, I look at me as a writer. In my journey, I kept on getting on stage, getting better and bringing my unique experiences to people, but largely I like to see myself as a writer,” Tandon says, and continues, “With my creativity, I am exploring other forms like writing a series, hosting, doing podcasts, commentary and writing for movies. In the next few years, people would probably realise that comedians are not just people who get on stage and make people laugh. They write, and bring their creativity out there in many other formats as well.”

The 42-year-old, who has been a part of stand-up comedy scene its starting within the nation, asserts that comedians reside by way of the virus waves, and making an attempt to outlive.

“As soon as every wave goes down, live shows start again… Like after the second wave ebbed, live shows started again… So, we know that when things cool down, we will start going again. We are just living between waves. However, live shows are the best experience that we get as a comedian,” he says.

And regardless of the digital expertise, he’s dying to return on stage. “Listen to the laughter, applause, see those faces of people laughing. The process of reviving the scene is an ongoing thing which we keep on attempting. As soon as it opens up, everybody would be on the road again, performing,” shares Tandon, who just lately made his debut as a bunch on the small display.

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