WARNING! Spoilers forward for American Horror Stories season 2, episode 5!The twist ending of American Horror Stories season 2, episode 5, “Bloody Mary” asks extra questions than it solutions. American Horror Stories season 2 has excelled at twist endings, with episode 4’s “Milkmaids” ending seeing a cannibalistic development disrupt the cease of a plague. As “Bloody Mary” brings the terrifying city legend to life, the deadly revelations in retailer for American Horror Stories’ teen characters change the lore related to the malevolent spirit.


“Bloody Mary” follows teenage sisters Bianca (Quvenzhané Wallis) and Elise (Raven Scott) and their mates Lena (Kyanna Simone) and Maggie (Kyla Drew) as they skeptically conjure Bloody Mary (Dominique Jackson) within the hopes that she’ll grant their deepest needs. When discovering that the Bloody Mary legend is, actually, actual, the ladies are placed on a harmful path by which they have to carry out horrible acts on others as a way to obtain their needs and keep away from their very own deaths by the spirit. Time begins working out as American Horror Stories‘ “Bloody Mary” characters start to endure brutal deaths, with Elise trying to find solutions within the historical past of the actual Bloody Mary and her seize by a brutal serial killer on the Underground Railroad.

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However, as has been the case with American Horror Stories’ season 2 episodes, the ending to “Bloody Mary” reveals that every one is just not what it appears. In addition to an enormous twist by which Bloody Mary is revealed to not be the killer, American Horror Stories season 2, episode 5’s ending finds one of many ladies mistakenly changing into the brand new spirit trapped behind the mirror. As “Bloody Mary”’s ending reinterprets the long-feared city legend, the which means of her curse in American Horror Stories season 2 is modified to be a mirrored image of 1’s personal hidden “truth.”

What Happens In American Horror Stories’ Bloody Mary Ending

After Maggie and Lena have suffered ugly deaths by which their eyes had been clawed out, simply because the Bloody Mary legend predicted, Elise brings her sister Bianca to the cursed cabin that serves because the supply of the “real” Bloody Mary. Elise had beforehand researched the historical past of the Bloody Mary, which led her to the cabin of Margaret Worth, a Nineteenth-century serial killer who lured enslaved individuals to her residence earlier than both killing them or promoting them again to slave catchers. When they arrive, the ladies conjure Bloody Mary in one of many mirrors whereas the spirit asks Elise if she introduced all the things – a query that confuses Bianca, who thought her sister had by no means been tempted by the determine. Elise then presents the American Horror Story universe’s Bloody Mary with the outdated dagger that she had used to kill Margaret Worth and the blood of “three innocents,” the third of which might be Bianca.

As Elise apologizes for what she’s about to do, she makes an attempt to stab and kill Bianca with the dagger, however her youthful sister overpowers and defensively murders her. American Horror Stories’ Bloody Mary then tells Bianca about how Margaret Worth had trapped her and different vacationers in her cellar, and almost tried to remove her son from her when the slave catchers arrived. In the American Horror Stories season 2 flashback, Bloody Mary calls to the spirit of Mami Wata to help her in getting justice towards the brutal torturers, however when Mary makes use of the knife to stab a lady who was deceived into serving to Worth, her soul is full of poison and might’t transfer on to fulfill her ancestors. After slicing off her personal hand and giving the blood for the spirit to drink, a change occurs by which Bloody Mary (Pose‘s Dominique Jackson) is free of the mirror, and Bianca is trapped in her place and has grow to be the brand new Bloody Mary.

American Horror Stories: How Bloody Mary Compares To The Real Legend

In actual life, the Bloody Mary folklore legend has been handed down for generations with variations of her function, hostility, and inspirations for her identification. The most typical Bloody Mary legend sees her conjured as a way to reveal the longer term, simply as she does in American Horror Stories’ season 2 episode. The historic ritual for Bloody Mary urged younger girls to stroll up the steps backward holding a candle and a mirror, which might permit them to see their future husband’s face.

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To summon her within the fashionable ritual, it’s stated that one should stand in entrance of a mirror, end up the lights, mild a candle, and chant her identify 3 times – which is how American Horror Stories’ characters conjure Bloody Mary. She then seems as a pleasant or evil ghost, witch, or corpse that’s generally lined in blood. As is warned about in American Horror Stories season 2’s “Bloody Mary,” the spirit could scratch their eyes out, scream at them, or drink their blood.

The hottest identifications of Bloody Mary are impressed by girls named Mary from the Sixteenth-Nineteenth centuries who had been notable for inflicting a considerable variety of deaths. One such inspiration was Mary I of England, the queen from 1553 till 1558 who earned the nickname “Bloody Mary” after ordering almost 300 non secular dissenters to be burned on the stake. Another potential identification for American Horror Stories’ ghost is Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian lady from the seventeenth century who was accused of vampirism and allegedly tortured, killed, and bathed within the blood of round 650 girls. Bathory was truly a partial inspiration for American Horror Story: Hotel’s Elizabeth Johnson, a.okay.a The Countess, a provider of a mysterious blood virus that mirrored vampirism. Another candidate is Mary Worth, who’s a personality in American Horror Stories season 2, episode 5.

Was Margaret Worth Real? Bloody Mary True Story Explained

Margaret “Mary” Worth is rumored to be an actual determine from historical past, who’s included in American Horror Stories’ episode as a connection to the Bloody Mary divination. According to the Lake County Journal, native legend suggests Mary Worth lived close to Chicago within the 1860s, the place her home was a part of the “reverse” Underground Railroad. Worth would carry enslaved individuals into her residence on false pretenses and promote them to slave catchers, with rumors abounding that she additionally tortured and killed the vacationers for rituals associated to her witchcraft – an allegation that’s referenced in American Horror Stories‘ season 2 episode.

Eventually, the townspeople lynched and buried her on her property, whereafter locals reported unusual occurrences on the land, equivalent to a close-by home being set on fireplace twice. However, in American Horror Stories season 2, the torturous Bloody Mary was killed by considered one of her captives, who was then positioned in a mirror and adopted the moniker. As such, whereas the actual legend would counsel that Bloody Mary Worth could be the divination within the mirror, American Horror Stories locations her killer within the reflection.

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Elise’s Killer Twist & Bloody Mary Plan Explained

At the very finish of American Horror Stories season 2, episode 5, Elise brings Bianca to Margaret Worth’s cabin which serves because the supply of Bloody Mary’s divination. When bringing out two jars of blood and the knife, Bianca (performed by Swagger‘s Quvenzhané Wallis)places collectively the items that Elise had been following Bloody Mary’s directions to grant her wish all alongside. Elise had wished to be wealthy, however Bloody Mary understood that what she actually wished was safety and energy, which might solely be granted if she freed Bloody Mary from her entrapment. This included killing three innocents, with the final sacrifice being her sister Bianca. Bloody Mary’s directions to Elise had been hinted at within the very starting of the American Horror Stories season 2 episode when Elise talked about that she must hurt somebody, however couldn’t end her sentence when referring to whom.

Despite Elise seeming like probably the most level-headed and least more likely to fall into Bloody Mary’s temptations, American Horror Stories’ twist reveals that the deaths of her greatest mates Lena and Maggie had been by no means truly resulting from Bloody Mary’s revenge for his or her refusal to carry up their finish of the deal. Rather, Elise had killed each of them and used the Bloody Mary curse as a strategy to hold Bianca from suspecting her. All the whereas, Elise inspired Lena, Maggie, and Bianca to not comply with by means of with Bloody Mary’s brutal directions in order that they might stay harmless for her personal sacrifice. American Horror Stories’ “Bloody Mary” ending sees that Elise was so determined for energy and safety that she would kill her personal sister, however she wasn’t pressured into doing so by Bloody Mary – it was all her personal selection. The American Horror Stories ghost defined that none of them had to take heed to her or danger demise, so Elise’s murderous actions had been merely a mirrored image of her personal desperation.

American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 5 Twist: Is Bloody Mary Dead?

After Bloody Mary drinks Bianca’s blood, she is lastly faraway from her 160-year entrapment in reflections. However, Bloody Mary didn’t merely disappear presently, as she was transported into Bianca’s place in the actual world whereas Bianca turned the brand new Bloody Mary apparition. Although she seems to be alive in American Horror Stories season 2, episode 5’s ending, Bloody Mary is most definitely useless at this level. She wanted the harmless blood and knife again to maneuver on from her curse and be capable of return to her ancestors with out poison in her soul, so the American Horror Story universe‘s Bloody Mary now appears to be at relaxation the place she will transfer on with Mami Wata. However, somebody needed to take her place because the guardian of fact, with Bianca being somebody pure of coronary heart who sees contained in the souls of others.

How (& Why) Bianca Became The New Bloody Mary

The final scene of American Horror Stories‘ “Bloody Mary” sees Bianca within the mirrors deciding which summoners to take heed to, suggesting she’s embracing her new position as Bloody Mary. Bianca was all the time in a position to see the reality behind others’ actions, so Bloody Mary used her as a brand new alternative the place she might lastly escape her centuries-long entrapment. Bloody Mary additionally possible noticed that Bianca could be blamed for the demise of her sister Elise, so as soon as Bianca tried to finish the struggling by releasing Bloody Mary, she positioned her within the mirror as an alternative. This was carried out within the Ryan Murphy TV show by Bloody Mary lastly being purified of her previous crime of vengeance by means of Bianca’s harmless blood, with the blood ritual to Mami Wata then inserting Bianca within the mirror as an alternative.

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While Bloody Mary’s actions in American Horror Stories season 2, episode 5’s ending had been finally egocentric, Bianca has nonetheless now been granted her wish that she’ll by no means really “disappear” like she as soon as feared. Rather, she’ll be current for hundreds of years so long as she continues to be the “guardian of truth” for many who summon her by means of the Bloody Mary ritual.

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