Recently, the web was rocked after well-known Korean stars had their Instagram accounts hacked. Earlier within the week, netizens observed that it had occurred to actor Lee Do Hyun.

Actor Lee Do Hyun | @ldh_sky/Instagram

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at 1 AM (KST), Lee Do Hyun’s Instagram appeared to have been hacked as his unique uploads disappeared. Instead, a random mouse photograph was posted with the caption, “owned by ratobot.” These posts continued because the hacker was posting random pictures onto the actor’s account.

The first publish by the hacker on Lee Do Hyun’s Instagram  | @ldh_sky/Instagram

| @ldh_sky/Instagram

| @ldh_sky/Instagram 

The hacker then posted an image of the actor promising to return the account to its rightful proprietor(s). Yet, earlier than doing this, the hacker regularly shaded Lee Do Hyun’s workers. They stated that the actor ought to have “better advisors.” 

| @ldh_sky/Instagram

Eventually Lee Do Hyun’s account was returned to the actor and all of his pictures had been safely again within the palms of the corporate after it was disabled shortly after the hacker posted.

After seeing the posts, many observed that the hacker was regularly utilizing the hashtag “#ratobot.” Based on the exercise, they look like focusing on Korean entertainers. The person additionally shared that their subsequent goal was going to be IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung.

The post explaining that Jang Wonyoung was the next target | @bonn4tte3/Instagram

| @bonn4tte3/Instagram

On August 25, IVE fans raised concerns when a Twitter account called @ratabot_offifical, which was different from the original accounts but linked to the hashtag, revealed that they had accessed Jang Wonyoung’s account.

A brand new account shared the story displaying that they had hacked into Jang Wonyoung’s account | @ratobot_official/Instagram

The account then shared pictures baiting Starship Entertainment to guard their artists but in addition revealed that the following goal was going to be BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

After warning Starship Entertainment, the hacker hinted that BLACKPINK’s Lisa could be subsequent | @ratobot_official/Instagram

Netizens shortly began to lift issues and known as out the person after the posts had been shared on social media. However, when netizens went to the Instagram web page of the so-called “hacker,” they had been shocked to see an announcement from the person.

In the assertion, the “hacker” claimed that he was being ordered to hack the celebrities’ accounts due to the Chinese authorities.

The Chinese authorities ordered me to hack K-pop idols’ Instagram accounts, and I had no alternative however to comply with the order.
China is a rustic with out freedom of speech, and I’m additionally Chinese, however I’m very ashamed of China.
The Chinese authorities ordered me to add content material to faux to be a foreigner and reward China.
However, this order couldn’t be rejected.
If I refuse this order, I’ll disappear.
I warned my household to not let the surface world learn about this, and I advised them that if it grew to become identified to the surface world, they’d not be protected.
I’m an bizarre one that received the grand prize seven occasions on the earth hacking competitors.
In China, you can not entry the abroad Internet together with Instagram with out VPN. It is a rustic with extreme media management.

— Alleged hacker

The person then went on to say sorry and particularly apologized to those that had been affected. The account even had the textual content translated into Korean, however the presence of “Korean Translate by Google” appears to as soon as once more showcase he isn’t from Korea.

Lastly, I wish to categorical my honest apology to Starship Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and Korean actor Lee-Do-Hyun, Sorry.
My household and I’ve entered a protected third nation and are assured security.
Artist, and followers, I’m so sorry.

— Alleged hacker

The assertion from the alleged hacker | @ratobot_official/Instagram

Yet, netizens have blended views about this assertion. In specific, previous posts when Lee Do Hyun’s account was hacked appear to contradict that he’s from China.

The numerous accounts that appeared to be linked to the hacker appeared to point out he was from locations like Brazil, America, and Korea.

Many believed the publish confirmed the hacker was Brazilian

Hints on the brand new account the place the assertion was posted shared they had been from South Korea | @ratobot_official/Instagram

The account has now been deleted, and Jang Wonyoung’s Instagram appears to haven’t been edited like Lee Do Hyun. Starship Entertainment and YG Entertainment have but to reply to the allegations of their idols’ Instagrams being hacked.

You can learn the unique story under.

Actor Lee Do Hyun’s Instagram Gets Hacked, And IVE’s Wonyoung To Be Next Target

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