The Predator film franchise is over thirty years outdated and is greatest described as extremely diversified. Unlike its sister collection, Alien, which has a transparent set of by way of strains – the Ripley originals, Alien vs. Predator, the David prequels – few of the seven Predator films up to now have been fairly just like the others, and most entries are inclined to ignore a lot of what is occurred earlier than. The newest providing, Prey, took issues a step additional, happening centuries earlier than the previous six entries. With seven films, two of that are crossovers with Alien, there’s all the time a debate about which is the very best Predator film. The Predator franchise has its clear successes and flops, regardless of the countless arguments inside the fanbase, so listed here are the Predator films ranked.


The Predator franchise kicked off in 1987 with the titular Predator that includes then-rising megastar Arnold Schwarzenegger alongside a few of the greatest visible SFX and prosthetics seen until then in cinema. The nice premise and route helped safe Predator as a budgetable IP for studios, and it was adopted up by the bigger-scale sequel Predator 2 in 1990, though this time with Danny Glover within the main position as an alternative of an Arnold Schwarzenegger return. The sequel additionally switched out commandos within the jungle for cops within the metropolis, beginning the franchise custom of rolling the cube with settings and eventualities. Various Predator 3 variations have been caught in growth hell all through the Nineties, however by the ’00s, the presence of a xenomorph cranium in Predator 2 had spawned a collection of comedian guide Alien crossovers. 2004 and 2007’s double-tap of Alien vs. Predator and AvP: Requiem quickly got here however weren’t the success studio Fox anticipated. This led to revisions of an outdated Nineties script set in house, which turned 2010’s Predators, however the collection then confronted one other hole of just about a decade earlier than Shane Black’s The Predator arrived in 2018. Once extra although, it did not match the resounding success of the primary two entries or the novelty-value box office figures of crossover AvP.

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As the complicated titles might trace, Predator is a collection with an unclear identification that is gone by way of a number of tender reboots since its unique plan. The most up-to-date entry got here in 2022, titled Prey, and it was as soon as extra a very new route for the franchise. Prey took the fearsome alien hunter and positioned it within the 1700s alongside Comanche tribespeople. It was standalone however nonetheless featured loads of Predator franchise Easter eggs. Did Prey’s choice to stroll so far-off from the remainder of the franchise repay although? Prey has been acquired extremely effectively, with each critics and a few followers arguing it’d simply be the best Predator movie so far. To discover out, here is all of the Predator films ranked.

7. Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

One level that is by no means debated in arguments about the very best Predator film — it isn’t Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. The 2007 sequel to AVP is the worst entry in each franchises by fairly a margin. By no matter technique is used to compile an inventory of Alien or Predator films ranked, whether or not it’s important reception or adjusted-for-inflation field workplace income, Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem is on the backside. It would not also have a small-but-vocal section of the fanbase backing its nook like different cult-sleeper entries in in any other case common franchises (for instance Birds of Prey followers within the wider DCEU viewers). Set on modern-day Earth in a small city, AvP: Requiem is just a slasher movie the place the killers occur to be Aliens and Predators. In reality, involving these two is to an enormous detriment: as soon as you have seen a xenomorph within the fluorescent mild of a diner kitchen, it is actually misplaced all menace; and the Predator cannot be each human hunter and protector with out shedding the inbuilt code of responsibility.

It’s not even slasher movie setup. The string of potential victims have broad backstories and weak relationships messily established earlier than they’re picked off in an oddly paced escalation in style cliché areas – forest, college, hospital, and so forth. The motion is rife with weak inner logic, and the low manufacturing funds in comparison with AvP is painfully apparent, though that does not excuse or clarify all of Alien Vs. Predator’s errors. Many low-cost films have nice scripts, route, or performing. This one doesn’t (in contrast to modern ’80s throwback ‘00s crossover Freddy Vs. Jason). Cinematography and post-production are equally lackluster, with the entire film offered in high-contrast, high-saturation imagery. It’s narratively boring and visually darkish, with the one actual moments of inspiration from administrators the Strause brothers doing a little experimenting with the R-rating, and that is a really blended bag. Seeing Xenomorph blood soften any person’s face is cool, having Chestbursters emerge from a toddler and a ward stuffed with pregnant ladies is just not.

It’s the titular Aliens and Predators that suffer most. Whereas the crossover did add some enjoyable facets to the Xenomorphs and Yautja, the second didn’t. The film’s hybrid Predalien was hated. This main antagonist had been teased in Alien vs. Predator, and its design and idea weren’t actually the problem. A Yautja hybrid may have given the Xenomorphs, simply senseless drones within the predecessor, a way of autonomy away from the Alien Queen. Instead, the Predalien was hardly used, and when it was the top consequence was extremely anticlimactic. After ready so lengthy to see a hybrid of each film icons, followers left Alien vs. Predator: Requiem disenchanted on the consequence, which did not assist the already adverse critiques of the film. There hasn’t been one other Alien vs. Predator crossover tried since, though new franchise house owners Disney may attempt to breathe new life into the idea and roll out a rebooted AvP 3.

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6. Alien vs. Predator

Like its fellow early-2000s horror icon showdown Freddy vs. Jason, Alien vs. Predator feels prefer it got here too late. Released in 2004, Paul W. S. Anderson’s crossover got here six years on from Alien: Resurrection and 14 after Predator 2, making it extra a reboot of each franchises than a continuation team-up. And contemplating the promise of a showdown had already been closely exhausted due to a slew of better-timed mid-Nineties comics and video video games that just about changed curiosity of their core collection after which tapered off, AvP emerged as an obscure throwback made throughout one of many low factors of big-budget filmmaking.

The modern eye rolls have been predictable, and the ensuing film is lesser than the Nightmare/Friday take, probably not satisfying both fandom with its story. Alien vs. Predator‘s PG-13 rating did not assist, because it meant {that a} excessive proportion of kills are only a Predator claw retraction and off-screen slicing. Plainly, it is an Anderson film first and has all his aesthetic hallmarks (blended with the copious plugging of gaps by referring to The Thing). That stated, the director clearly has an affection for the unique films, sneaking in sly references huge and small. Lance Henriksen returned as the unique Charles Weyland, whereas Ewen Bremner exploring the Antarctic city above the Predator pyramid offered a red-hued model of Aliens‘ scanner. While the mythology is bluntly labored in, it’s however effectively thought out. There’s additionally a bevy of cool, fan-pleasing moments: an alien scarred in acid blood by a Predator internet, a Predator slicing a Xeno’s head from behind, a make-shift xenomorph cranium protect, and the Predalien tease.

However, when the Easter eggs and fan service are put apart, Alien vs. Predator would not actually do a lot that isn’t seen within the earlier installments of both franchise. Yes, it was cool to see a live-action Predator throw down with a Xenomorph for the primary time, however the novelty quickly wore off. An try was made to deepen the lore of Aliens and Predator with flashback sequences to a battle at an historical temple. Sadly, all of the temporary glimpses of 1000’s of Xenomorphs swarming atop a trio of Predators served to do was remind audiences how a lot better AVP may have been with slightly extra funds and a greater story. Even when thought-about away from the Alien and Predator canon, AVP doesn’t maintain up that effectively as a film – it is little greater than the poor-CGI-laden popcorn fodder the early-to-mid 00s are famend for.

5. The Predator

It’s onerous to measure The Predator, the second most up-to-date entry within the franchise from director Shane Black, in opposition to the remainder of the Predator films. After all, it is much less a film and extra an object to be studied, becoming a member of Fantastic Four, Suicide Squad, and Justice League as 2018’s entry within the “predicted box-office gold butchered by reshoots” class. Its frenetic modifying reveals a film missing in correct coherence. As launched, The Predator solely is smart as a result of it barrels at such a tempo the viewers cannot actually query illogical selections because of the sheer quantity of The Predator‘s ideas – and extra is not all the time higher.

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However, The Predator confirmed glimmers of what does work concerning the franchise. The inventiveness of the alien expertise, as with AvP, makes for some nice visible spectacles, and the R-rating of The Predator undoubtedly helps on this regard. The character interaction, too, is commonly sharp. Boyd Holbrook and his crew of outcasts are dependably humorous as soon as they’re launched, whereas Olivia Munn does a stellar job because the bemused scientist-turned-action hero Casey Brackett. Even right here, although, the movie collapses right into a “tell don’t show” strategy, so audiences by no means get to discover their relationships extra deeply.

But these are simply glimmers. Overall, The Predator total is a badly made motion film, and for the Predator franchise a perplexing entry. It included many Predator easter eggs to hyperlink into all the opposite films (Predators apart) with delicate cuts like Jake Busey because the son of his father’s Predator 2 character. The Predators as offered in The Predator felt notably weird to some followers, with their objectives modified from searching humanity for sport to invading the planet. This didn’t work for audiences, as a part of the enchantment of the Yautja is that they aren’t attempting to take over Earth. They make humanity really feel small in a different way – by reminding us of our place on the intergalactic meals chain. Predator culture is so intriguing as a result of they clearly may wipe out humanity with their superior tech, however they don’t, as a result of for them every little thing is concerning the hunt. The Predator ran with a distinct take that did not scan.

4. Predator 2

Almost as beloved as the unique, followers are nonetheless debating unanswered questions from Predator 2. One of the largest challenges for a Predator sequel was that the creature’s powers have been constructed across the narrative of the unique film, that means a plot system is baked into the monster. Predator 2 would not actually do a lot to get away from that, with its central conceit being to maneuver from the actual jungle to the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. Set in a baking, near-future metropolis torn aside by gang wars, it undoubtedly feels totally different and the massively elevated funds creates some hanging photographs on this vein, however the core story is kind of the identical, besides as an alternative of Arnold Schwarzenegger going through one Predator, it’s now Danny Glover (referenced in a Prey easter egg) up in opposition to a gang of Yautja.

But the place Predator’s jungle setting made for unbelievable pressure by way of man-alone-against-nature motion, all of Predator 2‘s police division in-fighting and conspiracies felt like boring distractions. Audiences discovered no surprises within the police plot as a result of they’d seen them play out earlier than. The second Predator film may have been nearly as good as the primary if it didn’t sidetrack itself with low-end rehashes of cop present style tropes. Things did decide up when the Predator turned the hunted – the slaughterhouse scene is recent and ingenious – but it surely wasn’t fairly sufficient to safe Predator 2 the next spot on the checklist.

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However, Predator 2 made franchise historical past with the ultimate scene: Glover results in the Predator ship beneath LA, discovering a museum of earlier hunts, together with an Alien Xenomorph skull. He engages in a single last battle with the Predator, besting it with its personal weapons solely to be surrounded by six others. He braces, however they only silently take the fallen hunter’s physique away, present his killer an outdated pistol, and blast away. With barely any dialogue outdoors of Glover’s surprised quips, the mythology of the Predator was considerably deepened in a single scene.

3. Predators

It’s nonetheless unclear if Predators is definitely underrated or simply underseen. It barely broke even on the field workplace, the talk about whether or not Adrien Brody can go muster as an motion hero is as robust now because it was pre-release, and no one appears to have questioned that The Predator‘s Ultimate Predator can be a reconfiguring of the Super Predator seen right here in Predators, so it could be the latter. Whatever the case could also be, it is definitely higher than its status suggests.

Part of the issue could also be that regardless of a high-concept premise – a set of lethal human killers are kidnapped and brought to a Predator sport reserve planet to be hunted by varied creatures – Predators is the least bold within the franchise, completely happy being a strong but unremarkable reminder that Predators exist and a litmus check for the viability of the franchise after Alien vs. Predator: Requiem’s monumental failure. The try to reboot the franchise used a Predator 3 script from the Nineties which Predators tailored, and a few of its writing makes the retrofitting apparent. It’s additionally value noting that 2010 was a strong year for cinema. Predators had films like Inception, Black Swan, and Shutter Island to take care of. Part of its lack of wider enchantment may merely be that it misplaced out to the string of important successes that have been launched in 2010.

Predators had one of many strongest solid of characters seen for the reason that unique, and the premise of touring off-world makes for a novel Predator entry. The characters’ worry as a consequence of being so removed from Earth offers Predators some precise thematic heft that many different entries lacked. However, the place plot-light entries reminiscent of AvP managed to seek out energy, Predators was at its weakest. The motion was lackluster, with most fights easy beatdowns edited along with fast cuts that obscured a lot of what was occurring. Despite its relative lack of renown, Predators was a welcome addition for franchise followers, and there was real disappointment when the deliberate Predators sequel was canceled.

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2. Predator

Unsurprisingly, the unique Predator was (till the most recent entry) the very best. It’s neither Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest efficiency nor John McTiernan’s most acclaimed film, but it surely began the Predator franchise with a excessive bar that took a long time to match. The first Predator stood head-and-shoulders above the remainder till the seventh entry, Prey, arrived a long time later in 2022. Predator had a easy premise however executed it brilliantly. There’s a cause the very best entries within the franchise nonetheless observe the template established within the first film for tense human-vs-Yautja stalking, searching one-upmanship, and battling of wits: It works.

At first, Predator may seem like a typical action movie from the mid-Eighties – and that is precisely the purpose. Predator might now be an motion basic in its personal proper, however simply as with McTiernan’s subsequent movie Die Hard, it constructed that by upending what got here earlier than. It was by no means meant to be the beginning of a deep sci-fi canon – it was presupposed to be a blockbuster motion film with an alien in it. However, skillful route and the long-lasting visuals ensured it might be remembered as a lot extra. The first masterstroke is having the film begin away from the Predator. The mission Arnie’s Dutch and his crew are on is an easy rescue, and the darkish secret is that it is politically motived, but it surely’s nothing fantastical. The subsequent assault is customary Eighties motion, with quips galore (“stay put” after pinning somebody to a door with a throwing knife). It’s then that they discover flayed our bodies earlier than the assault, and afterward, the delayed evacuation and stifling warmth make it clear that Predator is more grounded, an inversion of the well-worn style tropes of the time. And then the Predator exhibits up.

Once the swap is made, the film turns into one thing else: a tense hunt led by a incredible villain. The Predator is such an exquisite creation, instantly hanging, believably grotesque, and so ridiculously OP even a strolling human tank like Arnold Schwarzenegger was almost bested by it. Predator got here out after Terminator, so audiences have been used to seeing Arnie because the indomitable non-human presence worthy of worry. If a director wished audiences to know their monster was terrifying within the late 80s, having it scare an Arnold Schwarzenegger character was just about one of the simplest ways to do it. The last showdown the place Dutch (who nearly died), slathered in mud, coaxes the hunter out and engages in one-on-one fight is uniquely arrange and tensely performed. That Dutch needed to forsake his armament and muscle in favor of fast wits and mind energy was the last word deviation from the gun-heavy backdrop of 80s motion films and ensured Predator would go down in cinematic historical past as a groundbreaking film.

1. Prey

Prey was launched by Disney direct to stream on Hulu, however earlier than the film had even been launched, followers and critics alike have been touting it as a attainable return to glory for the Predator franchise. However, Prey defied even essentially the most optimistic expectations. The hardest of Predator’s tender reboots up to now, the most recent entry instructed the story of Comanche hunter Naru as she tracks a Feral Predator throughout the good plains in 1719. The transfer from pure sci-fi horror to together with components of historic drama, reminiscent of French Trappers decimating the native Bison inhabitants, was a chance. It paid off although, and Prey has managed to attract new followers into the fold in addition to appease diehard Predator veterans. The unique Predator held its spot as the very best film within the franchise for many years, but it surely’s now been effectively and actually knocked into second place – Prey is the best Predator movie.

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Prey doesn’t simply deserve the highest spot for its new setting although. Even heroine Naru, performed extremely effectively by Amber Midthunder, is a praiseworthy spotlight however not the rationale Prey headed straight to no 1. Prey has earned its spot as the brand new greatest Predator film as a result of it returned to the franchise’s roots and improved on them. It did every little thing Predator did however higher, from the tense forest stalking and fights in opposition to the brand new Feral Predator to the sweeping panorama nature photographs and impressed cinematography. The particular results, whereas not as groundbreaking as Predator within the context of a 1987 release, are nonetheless immaculately rendered in Prey. It completely balances CGI and sensible results, and at no level does the presence of an alien hunter or its sci-fi weaponry break immersion from Prey’s 1700s setting.

The debate over whether or not Prey is best than Predator will doubtless keep it up for years inside the fanbase, however that in itself is telling. No sequel to Predator has even come near being a critical contender, even Predator 2. Prey has set a brand new benchmark, and there’s already hypothesis about when an eventual Prey 2 may be anticipated. Even the weather Prey modified, such because the setting and design of the long-lasting Predator, have been acquired by followers and critics alike as constructive modifications. After a long time of being a franchise recognized for going downhill like Paul W.S Anderson’s Resident Evil, The Matrix, and even sister-franchise Alien post-Aliens, the Predator films have discovered a brand new lease on life with Prey. Depending on how future entries fare, Prey might be the film that turned Predator from an IP Disney acquired however didn’t want within the Fox takeover to a tentpole franchise that permits the family-friendly House of Mouse to be taken critically within the R-rated area.

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