Alien’s Xenomorphs have such a novel biology {that a} regular lightsaber assault from a Jedi would do virtually nothing, besides harm the saber wielder.

The Xenomorphs from the Alien universe are a number of the most brutal, resilient creatures within the cosmos, however are they robust sufficient to outlive a lightsaber battle within the Star Wars universe? The query was posed in a current Reddit submit and it appears as if the Xenomorph’s biology simply could make them a match for the long-lasting Star Wars weapons.

Lightsabers are highly effective, elegantly constructed weapons which might be utilized by Force customers to take down many foes, serving to to defeat numerous alien races from throughout the Star Wars galaxy. The iconic weapons are identified for leaving little-to-no blood following an assault because the lightsaber’s power is so robust that it concurrently cauterizes a wound as it’s inflicting it. However, Xenomorphs are quick, sturdy, and extremely robust. But most significantly, they famously have acidic blood, complicating what may need in any other case been a simple lightsaber win.


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The query was not too long ago posted to Reddit by person ardouronerous. Without figuring out the anatomy of a Xenomorph, one may assume {that a} lightsaber may simply take one of many aliens down because it may reduce off their limbs and cauterize the injuries as they go, negating the impression of their acidic blood. However, an average Xenomorph does not have mammalian anatomy and as an alternative has an open circulatory system, just like many bugs. An open circulatory system differs from a human’s as a result of it means the blood isn’t carried in veins or arteries however is as an alternative blended with different bodily fluids as if the physique is sort of a “balloon” crammed with blood.

A Xenomorph’s open circulatory system signifies that when a lightsaber strikes a Xenomorph’s physique, the blade isn’t capable of cauterize the wound (as cauterization often solely works with sealing small blood vessels), so the alien’s acidic blood would spray out, harming the lightsaber wielder and probably the saber itself. Xenomorph blood has been proven to have the ability to burn via just about something except for a Xenomorph’s own exoskeleton. Some customers on Reddit postulated that the lightsaber would instantly vaporize the acidic blood on contact due to how sizzling the power blade is, however different customers retorted that vaporized acidic blood within the air is not a lot much less harmful than liquid acidic blood.

All of this isn’t to say {that a} lightsaber-user wouldn’t be capable of defeat a Xenomorph, particularly if that they had correct management over The Force, however it does imply that if the wielder used their saber as a close combat weapon, they might more than likely get severely injured by the Xenomorph’s acidic blood and probably have their saber destroyed. It could be an incredible sight to see a Xenomorph from Alien struggle Darth Maul or Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.

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