As the years go by, increasingly celebrities are revealing their youngsters are BTS followers—from Penthouse star Eugene to American actress Gabrielle Union. In a latest look on tvN‘s travel-reality show Honeymoon Tavern, actress Kim Hee Sun (who you may know from SBS‘s 2020 sci-fi K-Drama Alice) revealed her daughter is an ARMY too—but here’s why she’s involved about it.

While speaking to guests within the titular Honeymoon Tavern, Kim Hee Sun revealed her daughter, Park Yeon Ah, is an enormous BTS fan. Yeon Ah, whose father is a businessman, is at the moment 12 years outdated, making her a sixth-grader in Korea.

Park Yeon Ah at 9 years outdated.

Kim Hee Sun went on to disclose that Yeon Ah’s favourite member is “Golden Maknae” Jungkook—a wonderful choose, ARMYs will agree. However, the actress additionally confessed that her daughter’s curiosity in BTS has grow to be a priority for her.

BTS’s Jungkook | Big Hit Music

It’s not easy with [Yeon Ah] these days,” Kim defined, including that her daughter appears to be going by means of puberty proper now. After divulging that Yeon Ah is Jungkook-biased, Kim additionally famous, “I feel like she likes him way too much.”

Kim Hee Sun | tvN

While Kim Hee Sun herself doesn’t appear to know a lot about K-Pop fandom tradition herself, the Honeymoon Tavern guests defined a bit extra about her daughter’s habits. When Kim instructed them Yeon Ah listens to the identical BTS songs over and over, the guests defined it’s all a part of the drive to spice up streams and assist the group grow to be much more profitable.

Kim Hee Sun in “Alice” | SBS

Really? Is that why? She’s doing that for BTS?” Kim remarked when she discovered the reality, including that it explains why Yeon Ah is all the time telling her issues like, “Mom, the new music video surpassed 100 million views just in a few hours!

Kim Hee Sun herself just lately referred to Jungkook as “Jungkook whom I like so much.” | @beautiful.katie.okay/Instagram

The actress and mom laughed as she continued confessing her daughter’s ARMY tendencies. She revealed that just lately, when Yeon Ah stored referring to the BTS members as “our oppa,” Kim instructed her, “You have no oppa. You are our only child, Yeon Ah.”

| tvN

Ultimately, whereas the guests appeared to grasp Yeon Ah’s plight as a devoted ARMY a bit higher, Kim lightheartedly confirmed that she doesn’t actually get her daughter’s fandom life. “I’m mean, if she wants to be ARMY that much, why doesn’t she just enlist in the army,” Kim Hee Sun mentioned, “I want to send her to the military, you know.”

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