Alec Baldwin was interviewed by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos for a particular that aired Thursday night time.

It marked the primary time the actor went in-depth about what occurred on the set of the Rust film, the place cinematographer Halyna Hutchins misplaced her life after a gun held by Baldwin went off.

The actor broke down a number of instances all through the emotionally-charged interview as he recounted occasions on the film set.

Baldwin shared that Hutchins was working with him through the rehearsal on the set on October 21.

Hutchins was marking a scene for taking pictures angles, and Alec stated that he informed her he would “cock the gun” within the scene.

“So I take the gun, and I begin to cock the gun. I’m not going to drag the set off. I stated, ‘Did you see that?’ [She said] ‘Well, simply cheat it down and tilt it down a bit of bit like that.’”

Baldwin shared that the gun “ended up being aimed right below her armpit.”

“And I cocked the gun and go, ‘Can you see that? Can you see that? And I let go of the hammer on the gun, and the gun goes off.”

Baldwin stated that there was panic within the aftermath as a result of it was not instantly clear what occurred.

“Everyone is horrified. They’re shocked. It’s loud,” he stated.

“They don’t have their earplugs in. The gun was supposed to be empty. I was told I was handed an empty gun if there were cosmetic rounds, nothing with a charge at all.”

The star added that he questioned whether or not Halyna had fainted as a result of it did not instantly him {that a} dwell spherical was within the gun.

“The notion that there was a dwell spherical in that gun didn’t daybreak on me for most likely 45 minutes to an hour later.”

He stated that he thought the cinematographer had been hit by the contents of a clean cartridge.

“No one could understand. Did she have a heart attack? The idea that someone put a live bullet in the gun was not even in reality,” Baldwin added, alleging that Halyna was nonetheless aware and “laid there kind of in shock.”

Director, Joel Souza, was additionally injured within the incident.

Baldwin added that he had no concept how dwell ammunition obtained within the gun and even on the set.

“Someone put a live bullet in a gun, a bullet that wasn’t even supposed to be on the property,” he stated.

Stephanopoulos quizzed Baldwin about whether or not he checked the gun forward of the incident.

“What I was taught years ago by someone was, if I took a gun, and I popped a clip out of a gun or manipulated the chamber, they would take the gun away from me and redo it,” Baldwin stated.

“The prop master said, ‘Don’t do that.’ When I was young, one thing that they said was, ‘We don’t want to be the actor to be the last line of defense against a catastrophic breach safety with the gun.”

Stephanopoulos requested Baldwin at one level through the interview if he felt guilt.

Baldwin cropped int

“No. No. I really feel that somebody is accountable for what occurred, and I can’t say who that’s, however I do know it’s not me,” the star responded. 

“Honest to God, if I felt that I used to be accountable, I might need killed myself if I felt that I used to be accountable. And I don’t say that calmly.”

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