Akshay Kumar Gets Candid About Why He Says Yes To 2 & 3 Hero Films While Questioning Why Other Actors Say No(Pic Credit: Facebook/Akshay Kumar)

Akshay Kumar is a busy actor who has a number of movies, together with Bachchhan Paandey, Prithiviraj, Raksha Bandhan, Ram Setu, OMG 2 and extra set to release. The actor’s filmography is a mixture of initiatives that includes him as the only real actor, alongside one other actor in addition to multi-starrers with 3 and extra male stars.

During a current media interplay, Akshay was requested his views on 2-3 heroes and multi-starrer movies. While sharing what he thinks of those multi-starrers, the actor additionally revealed why he mentioned whereas questioning the logic behind different actors saying no. Read on.

While sharing his stance on the subject, Khiladi Kumar additionally spoke about many male actors not desirous to be seen in initiatives. Akshay Kumar mentioned, “I would not say names but there is a dirt of people thinking, actor thinking ki let’ s not do a two-hero, three hero films. I keep on scratching my head and I don’t understand why they don’t want to do it. It is so wonderful to do a three hero subject, four hero subject, even five hero subject – what happens in Hollywood.”

Akshay Kumar continued, “What happens here is that they don’t want to do it. Do mein hi badi mushkil se mante hai log. Haath pair jhodne padta hai. Samaj mein hi nahi aata mera ki kyu nahi kar sakte ho. Kyu nahi kar sakta ki chaar ladkiya hai aur mai akela hu, kyu nahi kar sakta. (Even to get two actors is a task. You have to beg. I don’t understand why they behave like that.)” He added, “So things will change I presume. One day it will happen.” To this Akki’s Bachchhan Paandey co-star Arshad Warsi added, “It’s due to the insecurities. “

On being requested why he says sure to 2-heroes, 3-heroes and multi-starrer initiatives, Akshay Kumar mentioned, “Because the script is nice. I want to do it. I want to be part of a good film. I want to be part of a hit film rather than what is my role. Mai apne role ka aachar dalunga!?” He continued, “If it is a three hero subject and mera role theek hai lekin picture ki kahaani bahot badiya hai toh I would want to be a part of it. Kyuki kal koi baat karega toh bolega ki ‘yeh bhi tha film mein.’ It’s a hit film, it’s a big film. 300 crore ka dhanda hua hai, so it is going to benefit me also. (If it is a 3-hero film and my part is small but the story is good, I would want to be a part of it. Because in future when people talk about the hit film they will remember I was part of it.)”

Trying to grasp why different actors (largely male) aren’t in favour of doing 2 and three hero movies, Akshay Kumar mentioned, “I don’t understand what kind of Math they are thinking. Their Math is wrong there. We should do 3 hero films, we should do 2 hero films, we should get into it. It’s a wrong calculation they have.”

Bachchhan Paandey stars Akshay Kumar in and because the titular character. Also that includes Kriti Sanon, Jacqueline Fernandez, Arshad Warsi and Pankaj Tripathi, the film is directed by Farhad Samji. The action-comedy is all set to release in theatres on March 18.

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