AKMU‘s Suhyun is making headlines for her cute confession relating to her weight.

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On the latest episode of JTBC‘s actuality present Nice Alone, the AKMU siblings cracked up viewers as per common with their humor. On this specific episode, Suhyun and her brother Chanhyuk mentioned what they did the evening earlier than throughout their automobile trip.

AKMU’s Suhyun (left), Chanhyuk (proper) | JTBC

Chanhyuk: “How long were you at the company yesterday?”
Suhyun: “I was talking to mom so I think I went home around 1. We only talked about weight. She was curious about what I have been eating that has been making my face so round these days.”

As the AKMU member mentioned her weight achieve, the producers of Nice Alone instantly provided earlier than and after images to point out the panel of the range program.

Caption: “First episode, before she moved out” (left), “10th episode, 9 weeks after she moved out” (proper) | JTBC

I did achieve a little bit of weight. If you evaluate myself from the primary episode to now, you’ll be able to positively inform.

— Suhyun

While weight achieve could also be considered negatively by most, Suhyun hilariously shared that she wasn’t phased by it in any respect.


I believe my narcissism is just too excessive. I wish to start my food plan as soon as I achieve a lot weight that I don’t wish to have a look at myself. However, after I have a look at myself now within the mirror, I believe I’m cute.

— Suhyun

The cute AKMU member additionally confessed that she will be able to solely blame herself and her cooking for her current weight achieve.


After residing by myself, I gained numerous weight. I assumed that if I cooked for myself, I wouldn’t achieve weight. However, I believe the issue is that I’m too good at cooking. I didn’t understand I’d be that good at cooking.

— Suhyun

As she poured out her weight achieve story to her brother, Suhyun grew to become noticeably irritated when Chanhyuk didn’t present any kind of response.


Suhyun: “Why aren’t you saying anything. That’s really annoying.”
Chanhyuk: “Don’t ever expect a response from me.”

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What a dynamic duo! You can watch them each Monday in new Nice Alone episodes.

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