Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound and Debriefed is quite a lot of issues. It’s a remaster of a 10-year-old PlayStation Portable
sport. It’s a cheeky romp by way of anime fandom mecca with loads of enjoyable references. But sadly, it is
additionally simply shy of the mark to make it vital.

The core conceit for the sport, stripping enemies in fight, is an fascinating angle. Instead of
well being, the separate elements of your outfit (your headgear, high and bottoms) have their very own sturdiness. The
decrease the sturdiness, the simpler it’s to drag off the clothes. Smart combating opens the door to only
stripping your opponent in just a few brief button presses. Unfortunately, fight takes a very long time to get
notably fascinating. Early on, you solely actually have two-button combos to struggle with. There are a
number of off-the-wall objects you may wield as weapons, from posters to laptops, however these too have
restricted choices for assaults. Learning new assaults requires discovering and buying new combos from eBooks at shops. It’s unlucky that there are so few choices for studying new strikes outdoors of buying eBooks at shops. Leveling up from defeating enemies also can educate you new strikes, however sadly the sport has a tough time registering inputs for particular assaults. In my playthrough, Akiba’s Trip struggled to acknowledge the enter for my sweep assaults frequently.

Combat additionally feels unbalanced every time teams are concerned. It’s quite common for bystanders
to get entangled in fights after getting tagged by a stray punch. Targeting a particular enemy in a bunch is
a problem, particularly whenever you’re attempting to keep away from getting hit by another person within the neighborhood. Complicating issues additional are the events the place you get into fights in cramped alleys or sidewalks, or when patrolling cops resolve to arrest you for combating vampires in public. When it really works, fight is enjoyable. The fundamentals are easy sufficient to be instantly partaking and there is loads of enjoyable technique available. But lots of the challenges set earlier than you’re extra tedious than the rest.


And the tedium extends previous the fight. Several story missions require you to have a particular
outfit, which could take some huge cash to amass—cash that you simply additionally want to purchase these valuable eBooks. Thankfully, there are sub-missions that will let you earn cash, however these can have unclear targets, and are additionally on strict closing dates. In my playthrough, I struggled with one mission that required us to discover a particular enemy in one of many 4 areas of Akiba’s important avenue. I discovered and defeated loads of Shadow Souls, however none that progressed the occasion; finally, I continued the principle storyline, costing us the mission and the related reward. Between the necessity to
study new strikes and the necessity to purchase costly outfits to progress the story, it felt like I by no means had sufficient cash for something.

Fortunately, Akiba’s Trip offers you the choice of beginning the sport over at any second, permitting you to start out a New Game Plus with your entire collected outfits, expertise, and expertise ranges. In addition to letting gamers try a brand new playthrough and comply with a unique story path, this lets you retry earlier missions you might need failed the primary time round.


In addition to fight and missions being considerably lackluster, character customization can also be fairly restricted. When the sport begins, you are allowed to alter your character’s identify—and nothing else. What you may change over the course of the sport are your many outfits, which may improve in sturdiness and supply extra protections from enemy assaults. These outfits can vary from low-cost gear emblazoned with anime characters to fanciful maid outfits. Selecting a satisfying outfit that is mixture of sturdiness and private aesthetics is enjoyable, plain and easy.

Sadly, Akiba’s Trip’s graphics are however a decade outdated. While the Hellbound and Debriefed version options remastered graphics, the character fashions nonetheless look considerably stiff and blocky. Backgrounds are additionally easy, however instantly recognizable as Akihabara’s numerous areas and districts. While allowances are made for precise shops and types, the varied locales are lovingly reproduced in such a approach that invitations exploring them, both
as somebody who sometime hopes to go to the well-known Electric Town or simply somebody who likes anime. A pity, then, that gamers are assaulted by NPCs for quite a lot of causes. I used to be amused by the palm studying NPC the primary time. By the second time she ran into me in one more map, I used to be already wishing there was a approach I could possibly be performed with them.


One side of the sport I used to be all the time wanting ahead to was the writing. Your group of pals in-game come from every kind of recognizable fandoms that roam Akihabara, from the idol-obsessed photographer, to the outwardly-normal-looking hentai addict. I’d discover myself returning to dwelling base much less out of necessity and extra as a result of I had hoped these weirdos would have one thing new and enjoyable to say.

The sharp character writing extends to the various NPCs you encounter. Special consideration goes to the 500-year-old valley-girl-speaking vampiress disguised as a schoolgirl who wields a wrench for self protection. The struggle in opposition to her and her clan of schoolgirl vampiresses was annoying and I needed to repeat it thrice, however at the least they have been entertaining. Also memorable is The Master, a weird girl who dances behind a veil and teaches you how one can strip clothes. She’s a
weirdo, her Japanese voice actress is seemingly an AV star, and she or he is not fooling anybody along with her flowery discuss stripping folks, however she gave me just a few laughs.


All in all, I wish I preferred Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound and Debriefed extra. The cheeky writing alone is quite a lot of enjoyable and makes me need to hold enjoying. Unfortunately, the remainder of the sport, with its unclear targets, repetitive battles, and blocky character fashions, make this a tricky promote. I in all probability would not be so laborious on Akiba’s Trip if at the least the character fashions regarded a bit nicer, as a result of easy brawlers are at the least good to zone out to.

Akiba’s Trip’s pedigree is such that you simply in all probability already know if you wish to strive it. Longtime AT followers will little doubt take pleasure in replaying a remastered model of the primary sport and get a kick out of the brand new voice observe. For other people who simply need a cheeky brawler, I’d truthfully recommend you simply play a Senran Kagura sport once more.

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