Akash Dahiya has a stellar line-up of net exhibits equivalent to Dhanbaad, Chote Yadav and Rafu Chakkar, and the actor is sort of busy working-round-the-clock. However, the Delhi Crime actor asserts that there are only some characters that handle to fulfill him creatively.

“All roles are good, but how much screen time you get to show the character on screen is what brings out the actor in you and gives you the time to show you potential,” he says.

Ask him if A-listers transferring in the direction of OTT, are taking away all the nice alternatives, which earlier have been loved by artistes like him, Dahiya attracts a ratehr curiosity analogy. He explains, “I think it [OTT space] is a jungle. aur yahan har tarah ke jaanwar ka aana jaana laga rahega. The fight for survival in this jungle depends on every individual. As far as stars taking away our opportunities is concerned, I don’t think they can take away our work or we can take theirs.”

In reality, Dahiya feels that the OTT has launched the viewers to a plethora of fine actors, making it tough for Bollywood stars to compete. “Stars are struggling because OTT has introduced some great talents to the audience. The audience is now aware. They know who to admire. And they don’t hesitate to give stars a reality check when their work isn’t up to par,” says the 36-year-old, including, “Both stars and artistes like us are struggling. We are struggling to create a presence similar to theirs, while they’re competing with the brilliant performances of OTT actors.”

However, Dahiya is fast to level that stars are essential for any house be it movies or OTT.

“That’s because realism might bore people after a certain period of time. That’s when people seek entertainment,” he causes, and goes on to recount an incident when he did not do what the Bollywood superstars would do with utmost ease. “There was a song that had to be picturised on me. It was a typical Bollywood track and the director gave me certain instructions. But despite several attempts, I could not do it. And I believe, as artistes, that’s where I fall short,” Dahiya wraps up.

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