On December 20, JTBC’s new drama “The One and Only” held a press convention with director Oh Hyun Jong and actors Ahn Eun Jin, Red Velvet’s Joy, Kang Ye Won, and Kim Kyung Nam.

“The One and Only” is an emotional romance drama about three terminally sick ladies who meet at a hospice. They determine that earlier than they die, they need to take down one dangerous man earlier than they go – however of their try and take down only one particular person, they find yourself assembly probably the most beneficial particular person of their lives.

Director Oh Hyun Jong (“Find Me in Your Memory,” “Two Cops,” “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”) mentioned, “It’s a drama with positive messages about growing before you die, about healing right before death if you have just ‘one person’ in your life, overcoming scars, and sharing pain. You might think it’s a heavy drama because of the terms like ‘terminal illness’ and ‘death,’ but it’s about how the people who are at the edge of death grow and love and spend the remainder of their days as happily as possible.”

Kim Kyung Nam co-stars as Min Woo Chun, a hitman who disguises his focused murders as accidents. He mentioned, “When I first read the script, I felt that the character of Min Woo Chun was like a stray animal who had been hurt and thrown away. I wanted to show that he had grown up on his own terms, so I didn’t style my hair, and tried to make my gaze and facial expression as heavy as possible, rather than my words.”

Park Sung Hoon had initially been solid on this function, however needed to step down as a result of well being points. Kim Kyung Nam joined the drama in the midst of filming. Director Oh Hyun Jong mentioned, “It’s a very difficult role because it portrays someone who is at the edge of their rock-bottom life. I didn’t really know Kim Kyung Nam that well. I went to visit an acquaintance’s film set, and greeted him briefly there, but it must have made a strong impression on me. I had confidence that Kim Kyung Nam’s gaze and atmosphere could fully express the character of Min Woo Chun in this drama. Even though he was in the middle of a tough schedule, he agreed.”

Ahn Eun Jin performs Pyo In Sook, a younger girl who grows up in troublesome circumstances earlier than being recognized with a terminal sickness. She mentioned, “I feel like I’m receiving theater therapy through this drama. The character starts out dark, but it’s a drama that focuses more on the happiness and warmth of everyday life. I’m grateful to be ending 2021 on a warm note with a project that gives me good energy.”

ahn eun jin the one and only

About her character’s romance with Kim Kyung Nam’s character, she mentioned, “He’s someone who can create a story as soon as the cameras start rolling even if I’m not doing anything special. I’m grateful to have him as a partner.” Kim Kyung Nam mentioned of her, “She’s someone that I can learn a lot from as a person and as an actor.”

kim kyung nam ahn eun jin the one and only

Kang Ye Won performs Kang Se Yeon, an odd housewife who had given up on her personal life to assist her household. “I don’t know how to explain this character because she’s just so ordinary,” the actress mentioned. “There are a lot of situations that I haven’t lived through, as well as twists that I can’t talk about. She appears really plain on the outside, but there are moments that will take you by surprise.”

She added, “Since she’s sick with leukemia, I lost weight to show how she got thinner with the illness. It’s very difficult to lose one kilogram (2.2 pounds) at a time. There was a sense of pressure to show the external changes of my character, so I was very focused on the changes from episode to episode.”

kang ye won the one and only

Joy (Park Soo Young) performs Sung Mi Do, a well-liked influencer. She mentioned, “I was really scared to come back to acting. I decided to be really careful in picking out my next project, but this script filled me with such warmth. Mi Do is someone who looks bright and flamboyant on the outside, but is always fighting back loneliness on the inside. I felt compassionate for her as someone who isn’t just bright all the time. I can be like that, and I know a lot of people like that, who seem bright on the outside but hide pain on the inside. I felt like I was getting healed through playing Mi Do, and I hoped that those people would be able to relate to her too.”

joy the one and only

“The One and Only” premiered on December 20 at 11 p.m. KST and might be out there on Viki.

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