Aespa is at the moment one of many hottest woman teams in K-Pop. They’ve a number of magnificence model endorsements underneath their belt, together with CLIO. This doesn’t imply that different manufacturers can’t begin vying for a bit of the Kwangya pie although! Karina was just lately invited to YSL Beauté‘s event in South Korea. She rocked a chic all-black two-piece.

Fans were excited to see her with a different hair and makeup style. Her hair was pulled into a low ponytail, with the trendy side-swept bangs across her forehead.

She went for a more coral look to keep it understated. Glossy peach lips and coral eyeshadow highlighted her natural beauty.

Rather than the heavy eye makeup and lashes Karina uses on stage, she looked more elegant with the simple makeup.

The natural-glam look suited her well.

Of course, everyone was gushing about her beauty. Netizens were amazed by her face shape as well as her sharp jawline.

Netizen reactions to Karina. | theqoo

  • “Insane x2”
  • “Her face shape really looks so 3D. I’m jealous of her jaw line.”
  • “Her clothes look cool.”
  • “How can a human look like this? (amazed)”
  • “Karina is a god.”

While aespa continues to be tied to CLIO for the second, followers space already trying in direction of the ladies scoring a brand new deal, ideally with extra luxurious magnificence manufacturers.

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