aespa broke down their favourite snacks with First We Feast, taking some journeys down reminiscence lane whereas having fun with the meals.

Each of the ladies shared two of their favourite snacks, and whereas a few of them are internationally fashionable, like Giselle‘s Pepero, NingNing‘s Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Winter‘s Honey Butter Chips, others are domestic favorites. Karina‘s two favorite snacks, in particular, are some of Korea’s hidden snack treasures.

The first snack Karina loves is BeBe, milk-flavored cookies which are marketed towards youngsters. The motive why Karina loves BeBe is that it’s not very flavorful, permitting Karina to eat extra of the cookies with out getting sick of them. She’s eaten them ever since she was a child and nonetheless hasn’t been capable of transfer on from loving them.

Caramel Maple Corn is her different favourite, and it’s additionally her mother’s favourite snack, particularly as an anju (snack you eat with alcohol).

Besides introducing MYs to her favourite snacks, Karina additionally taught MYs a brand new snack hack.

This means of opening snacks is extremely handy when stress-free at house because it’s more durable to spill because the snack bag is mendacity flat. It additionally prevents any explosions from occurring, which frequently occurs if you attempt to open snacks from the highest of the packaging. Of course, if you happen to open snacks Karina’s means, you’ll have to complete the whole bag in a single go, however that’s one thing all of us do anyhow.

For extra on the ladies’ favourite snacks and their childhood reminiscences, watch the video right here:

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