“Do this until you fall asleep.”

As a younger, stunning, rich, and well-known celeb, aespa‘s Karina lives the kind of life that many people dream of. However, that doesn’t imply she has zero issues and issues of her personal.

The “Savage” singer opened up about this matter in a current interview with ELLE KOREA the place she and her members guessed information about one another.

aespa’s Karina

When it was her flip, Karina requested Giselle, Ningning, and Winter, “What is my biggest worry?

Winter guessed the proper reply instantly—sleep. Karina admitted, “I’m suffering from insomnia.”

Insomnia is a sleep problem during which an individual has a tough time falling or staying asleep, and her demanding schedule as a K-Pop idol could have been a contributing issue.

Upon listening to that, Karina was requested if she has any suggestions for when she needs to sleep straight away. She defined that she enjoys doing the 4-7-8 respiratory method that many individuals swear by.

She relaxes her physique, breathes in 4 instances, holds her breath for seven seconds, then breathes out for eight seconds. It is her go-to methodology when she has a tough time falling asleep.

There’s this ‘478 breathing’ that I do. You must do it along with your physique completely relaxed. Breathe in 4 instances. Hold it for 7 seconds, and breathe out for 8 seconds. Do this till you go to sleep.

— Karina

Hopefully, Karina recovers from her insomnia rapidly and is ready to have a superb evening’s relaxation day-after-day.

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