Aditya Narayan isn’t a reputation which wants any introduction. Recently he and Shweta Agarwal Jha tied the holy knot of matrimony in December final yr. They accomplished 11 years of relationship not too long ago. “So it has been a long time, and just to have this fact that I love someone, and somebody loves me out in the open after like more than a decade – I think the glow is more of a relief, because I don’t have to hide anything. I think it’s just the relief that everybody knows, and now that we are married we have everybody’s love and blessings,” says Aditya.

On his marriage, the singer says, “Covid did speed up the process of us getting married, because in the last lockdown we (Aditya and Shweta) used to have many small arguments as I used to miss her a lot. Her own place is less than half a kilometer from where we live now, but we could still never meet which was very frustrating. You want your loved ones to be near you… So that is when I had decided that after this lockdown there is going to be no further arguments regarding spending time with each other.”

He went to Shweta’s mother and father with a request to let him marry their daughter. “I said I don’t care how many people come, I don’t care where we do it, just give me your daughter’s hand in marriage and let’s just do it. Fortunately, when we got married in December things were much better. So now that this second wave has come in, I feel like we did the right thing. Now she is here, and I never feel alone anymore,” Aditya shares.

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