Rakhi Sawant is making the headlines fairly often lately as she lately misplaced her mom who was combating a battle with mind tumor and most cancers for a really very long time. Rakhi is interacting with the media constantly and made some critical revelations about her husband who as per Rakhi, is dishonest on her. Her marriage has hit a rocky patch and he or she is for certain washing the soiled linen in public.

The actress lately filed an FIR in opposition to Adil Durrani, her husband, at Oshiwara Police Station and Adil has been detained owing to the identical.

The actress cried once more in entrance of the media and mentioned, “Yeh sirf ek media ya koi natak nahi hai. He has ruined my life. He has beaten me and looted my money. Quran pe haath rakh kar bhi…Isne mere saath cheating kiya hai. I request the media to support the truth.”

In one other notice, she confirmed, “Abhi abhi Adil Khan Durrani ko Oshiwara police ne arrest kar liya hai. I had registered an FIR against him last night.” But later the actress mentioned police is saying ‘technically they will not term it as an arrest as they are questioning Adil right now.”

Of late, Rakhi had accused Adil of having an extra-marital affair. She even went on to reveal the name of the girl Adil is cheating with. She said, “Ek aurat aurat ka ghar tod rahi hai. Aadmi toh hota hi kutta hai. Tum jaoge toh karega hi. Tum ek shaadi shuda aurat ki zindagi kharab kar rahi ho.”

Rakhi’s brother Rakesh Sawant shared how they obtained to learn about Adil’s reality, “Whatever is happening to Rakhi right now is very unfortunate. When we went to Rakhi’s house after our mother’s demise, to feed her, we noticed her having a swollen face. She was crying and not saying anything. When we all forced her to speak up, she revealed that Adil had beaten her on the day her mother passed away. We saw marks on her body. We told her to go to the hospital. We took her for a medical check-up. You won’t believe how deep those marks were. We decided to keep it low because of the rituals and wanted Rakhi to take the call. Before the ‘terhvi’ we learnt Rakhi’s heirloom jewellery (of her mother) and money were stolen. I came to the police station and was shocked to see Adil can stoop so low.”

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