They had been fated to be mates!

Actress Kang Min Ah shot to fame with latest roles in True Beauty, and At A Distance, Spring Is Green. She performed the enduring finest buddy, Soo Ah, in True Beauty and the feminine lead within the latter.

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Not many might know this, however she has a particular connection to the boy group, SEVENTEEN. Namely, members Mingyu and Seungkwan! Kang Min Ah went to the identical highschool as the 2 boys — Seoul Broadcasting High School. The college can be a performing arts highschool, very similar to the famed SOPA and Hanlim Multi Arts. Several of Pledis Entertainment‘s older artists hailed from SBHS, including After School‘s Gaeun and NU’EST‘s Baekho and JR.

Mingyu in his high school. | Pledis Entertainment

Fellow SEVENTEEN member Dino also went to the school but began attending a year after Mingyu and Seungkwan. Although Seungkwan was born in 1998 and Mingyu in 1997, Seungkwan’s January birthday allowed him to attend college with folks born in 1997. Kang Min Ah was additionally born in 1997 and therefore, was in the identical yr because the boys. She was even noticed in an episode of SEVENTEEN Project, the debut documentary for the boys.

Although it was not confirmed with photographic proof, it was mentioned that she had promoted the boys’ track of their early years of debut by posting on her Instagram. Community websites additionally claimed that based on their schoolmates who spilled the tea, Kang Min Ah had been in the identical class as Seungkwan and was a part of Mingyu’s clique.

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  • “She went to SBHS and she also promoted them on Instagram. She also appeared in SEVENTEEN Project.”
  • “And she was from the same class as Seungkwan, and if you read accounts from people that knew them, she was from the same clique as Mingyu.”

Since then, the three have by no means publicly acknowledged the friendship or the truth that they knew different. But that’s not the tip of their fated relations! Kang Min Ah as soon as starred within the webdrama A-TEEN.

Kang Min Ah in A-TEEN. | Playlist

Coincidentally, SEVENTEEN additionally ended up singing an OST track for the webdrama.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see extra interactions between these highschool mates!

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