Actress Jeon Yeo Been lately revealed what she thinks would occur if 2 of her most memorable characters met!

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In a TMI interview with GQ Korea, Yeo Been was requested “What do you think will happen when Lee Eun Jung (Be Melodramatic) and Hong Cha Young (Vincenzo) meet?”

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In Be Melodramatic, Yeo Been performs Eun Jung, a documentary filmmaker who’s fighting grief and despair after her boyfriend passes away.

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Fans of Be Melodramatic describe Eun Jung’s persona as concurrently chill and outspoken. She’s sensible, sturdy, gifted, and very loyal to her associates. Eun Jung tends to provide monosyllabic solutions and to put on a deadpan expression, so she could come throughout as aloof and even unfriendly to individuals who don’t know her.

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In Vincenzo, Yeo Been performs Cha Young, a spirited, witty, and extremely assured lawyer. Cha Young is fiery, expressive, and all the time speaks her thoughts. However, those that don’t know her might imagine she’s cocky.

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Clearly, these two characters are very completely different, so it’s laborious to foretell what would occur in the event that they met!

Yeo Been guessed that Eun Jung would hate Cha Young, and she or he mentioned that these 2 characters don’t appear to suit nicely collectively.

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Then, she revealed that she thinks Cha Young would additionally hate Eun Jung, and that they  would argue continuously.

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However, she thinks Eun Jung and Cha Young would ultimately develop nearer!

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Yeo Been mentioned she thinks Eun Jung would begin to admire Cha Young’s ardour if she filmed a documentary concerning the lawyer. Then, she would need to develop nearer to Cha Young, and the two may even develop into associates!

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