Actor Shagun Pandey to re-enter Meet as a Haryanvi wrestler

Actor Shagun Pandey has returned to Meet however this time the actor might be seen in a brand new avatar. Talking about it throughout a latest interview, Shagun shared, “My new character is very different from Meet Ahalawat, Manmeet is a Haryanvi man who fights in the ‘akhada’. To look like him, I really had to undergo a lot of preparations and for that, I worked out every day for 3 months. In fact, from working out to looking like Haryanvi Manmeet and sounding like him, I have worked really hard to get into the skin of my character.”

Talking about his prep for the function, he stated, “Since I was continuously shooting, we used to train at 5 in the morning and then head to shoot for 12-13 hours. I started preparing my body since the leap was only in the talks. It was also about me conquering the Haryanvi language. I wanted to understand the nuances of Haryanvi language so that the audience can relate to Manmeet. I just hope that my fans will love my new character as much as they used to love Meet Ahlawat,” he concluded.

After the one yr leap, the present will witness Meet Hooda fulfilling her husband’s dream. However, she is shocked to see the similarity between her husband and the wrestler, Manmeet.

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