The actor at all times appears to be going viral after marriage ceremony information!

The previous couple of years have seen an enormous variety of K-Drama weddings and bulletins from a few of the largest stars within the Korean leisure business. Whether it was Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin‘s wedding…

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Choi Tae Joon (left) and Park Shin Hye (right) | @StarAngel__/Twitter

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Son Ye Jin (right) and Hyun Bin (left) | @yejinhand/ Instagram

Or more recently, the announcement from both Song Joong Ki and Lee Seung Gi revealed that they were planning to marry their partners. It seems like love is definitely in the air!

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Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

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Lee Seung Gi | @leeseunggi.official/Instagram 

Yet, one person who keeps getting mentioned after every piece of wedding news is announced is actor Lee Min Ho.

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Actor Lee Min Ho | @actorleeminho/Instagram

Of course, it seems very random as Lee Min Ho has never been and isn’t planning on getting married.

Yet, after Lee Seung Gi introduced his marriage on February 7, the actor’s historical past with marriage ceremony bulletins has gained consideration once more as he’s been given a brand new identify, and it’s “Cupid.”

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| @kdrama_menfess/Twitter

In a photograph shared on-line, a netizen shared that each time Lee Min Ho is near somebody or works with them on a venture, they find yourself getting married. The picture included pictures of Lee Min Ho with Park Shin Hye, Son Ye Jin, and Lee Seung Gi, all of who ended up getting married.

If that wasn’t sufficient, Lee Min Ho at all times appears to grow to be a scorching subject due to his reactions to his co-star and associates’ weddings.  When Lee Seung Gi posted his announcement, Lee Min Ho had the funniest response.

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On the Instagram publish of the announcement, the actor commented, “What? Is this a situation where Lee Seung Gi sings “Will You Marry Me?” Seung Gi even thought he may need discovered a rapper for the marriage, replying, “I need a rapper, what do you say?”

When the feedback had been made, like each time one in every of Lee Min Ho’s associates or co-stars introduced a wedding, the feedback had been flooded with netizens questioning when it might be Lee Min Ho’s flip to get married.

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If that wasn’t sufficient, again in 2022, when his The Heirs co-star Park Shin Hye acquired married, he made netizens cry with laughter after his publish.

After the marriage, Lee Min Ho posted pictures from the occasion and had netizens worldwide LOL’ing after he posted a set of images with the caption, “Do I congratulate you?

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| @actorleeminho/Instagram

For any true The Heirs followers, they may know that it’s a nod to a line from the unique present when Kim Tan mentioned to Cha Eun Sung, “Do I like you?” once they’re in a cinema collectively.

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Hopefully, it isn’t lengthy earlier than Lee Min Ho will get his blissful ending, however perhaps the important thing to any blissful marriage or a wedding proposal is being associates with the actor…

You can learn extra about Lee Min Ho’s marriage ceremony historical past beneath.

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