Abrar Qazi on essaying the position of a father; says, “I never wanted to play father on TV but Roohi, my onscreen daughter, changed everything”

Abrar Qazi, who is thought for essaying the position of Rudra in Yeh Hai Chahatein has turn into a father on display. The actor talked about it and extra throughout a latest interview.

Talking in regards to the social media, reels, and Tik Tok, he shared, “Earlier there used to be TikTok and people would dance and do all sorts of silly things to create content. Now, ever since that app vanished, people on Instagram have started doing the same, and honestly, it is cringy. The content is meaningless and I don’t know why people make such reels. I will never be able to do that. If people are getting paid for it, then good for them, otherwise, I don’t understand the concept.”

Talking about his position as Rudra, he mentioned, “Currently I am playing a father to a young girl Roohi (Swarna Pandey) in the show. When the show was taking a leap and they told me about it, I wasn’t keen on playing father. But eventually, I agreed because Roohi and I bonded very well and I am happy playing her father on screen.”

When requested how he manages to stability work and private life, he replied, “My family lives in Jammu & Kashmir, so I hardly get time to meet them because of the hectic schedules in TV. I always call them to Mumbai because I don’t get enough holidays to go to Kashmir. I am at my best when I am around my family.”

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