For filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor, narrating a love story of a person and a trans lady with Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui was not a difficult process, however extra of a duty. He says his sole intention was to stir a dialog, not impress anybody.

Now, the director hopes it opens doorways for extra such dialog, and tales.

“It was a very difficult film to make because it is such a delicate topic about a community that has always been on the periphery of acceptability and acceptance,” Kapoor tells us, including, “And now, people from the community are coming forward and embracing the film. They are normally very apprehensive because they have always been abused or made fun of or ridiculed. Watching them accept the film feels like a real honour”.

The objective, as he places, is to begin a dialog. “The audience can never be ready for materials like that. You have to open the door and start a conversation with an inviting tone. Normally, such films are part of art house cinema and talk about the pain and the anger. The word does not travel out of the dark room,” provides the Kedarnath maker, who feels it’s one step in direction of normalising conversations round transgender group.

“If we can understand, there can be some conversation, because out of understanding comes acceptance. And after acceptance, comes normalcy. This is the first step in that direction,” says the 50-year-old.

While he’s getting constructive suggestions for Ayushmann Khurrana and Vaani Kapoor starrer, some are questioning why not a transgender for the lead position. And that’s as a result of Kapoor wished to be sensible.

“We thought about all these options (of having a trans actor), but one has to be real. Because what is the purpose of making the movie, the purpose is not to impress just the trans community, or interest a certain section of the film industry. My purpose is to make a difference to society and to start a conversation,” he expresses.

The filmmaker continues, “We keep comparing ourselves to the West, but the West is 20 years ahead of us… Woh already aisi filmein kar chuke hain… They are already on the third stride of acceptance of this community, and we haven’t even started. To start off this conversation, it was important for me to have a familiar face, someone with whom people can relate to.”

Kapoor is perhaps the primary one to deal with such a narrative within the mainstream house, however he hopes he isn’t the final one. “I am sure more movies will be encouraged to be made on such topics. And there are so many stories waiting to be told, from so many different angles,” he concludes.

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