The actor says his shut pal Kuldeep Kumar, a Ukrainian resident, doesn’t wish to depart the war-torn nation

Aamir Ali is praying that the struggle in Ukraine ends quickly. On an Instagram story, the actor posted just a few images of the nation’s devastating state and wrote, “#peace #nowar # Ukraine”. 

Ali says he’s been holding a detailed eye on the state of affairs additionally as a result of his shut pal, Kuldeep Kumar, continues to be there. “He is an Indian, married to a Ukrainian, and has two children.” The actor goes on to disclose that he had suggested Kumar to depart the war-torn nation and even “got into a fight” as a result of Kumar merely ignored Ali’s requests. “Kuldeep says, ‘This is my country and I can’t leave’. He’s been living in Kyiv for 25 years, runs a restaurant and business.”

Kuldeep Kumar and Aamir Ali

However, after Ali realised it wasn’t going to occur, he left his pal alone and now solely calls to test on him regularly. “He lives on the outskirts, so he’s safe for the time being. He says that he hears blasts and sirens every day. Moreover, Kuldeep doesn’t remain at home; he goes out every day to aid anyone he can. In fact, he helped many Indians evacuate the city,” shares Ali, including “Ukrainians are suffering so much. I hope this war ends soon.” 

The 44-year-old turned buddies with Kumar by widespread buddies, and the 2 have stayed in contact through the years: “We have been friends for 10-15 years, and we get along really well. I have been to his house in Ukraine multiple times in the past, including visits for work. It is such a beautiful country and such warm people. After all that they are going through, I don’t know how they will recover.”

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