BTS‘s “Golden Maknae” Jungkook is a multi-talented artist with unlimited creativity. The same can be said for ARMYs–for better or worse!


Some fans express their love for BTS through art, whether it’s portray, drawing, or crafting edited photographs. Sometimes these edits are a little bit too convincing!

On November 19, almost broke Instagram with this monochromatic thirst trap. In it, he poses shirtless in a darkened room. It’s attainable that his actual photograph was the inspiration for a faux Jungkook selfie that started circulating across the similar time.

V | @thv/Instagram

Are you prepared for it?

Are you positive? 

Last probability to show again!

Boom. Pregnant.

(Just kidding! Thankfully, that’s not how that works.)

This steamy–pun meant–selfie did, nevertheless, trigger fairly just a few followers to doubt their eyes. After all, BTS’s members do copy one another for enjoyable, so it’s not unimaginable to imagine that Jungkook may need snapped this shot to clown V’s publish.

Naturally, some ARMYs ran to Instagram in a blind panic to test the details.

Others had a meltdown on Twitter, and a few…

…didn’t survive.

Once once more, the bathe photograph is not actual, however these moments are. Check them out!

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