“I feel that baseless rumors surrounding the couple’s private lives need to stop.”

A detailed supply of Song Joong Ki has reportedly debunked baseless rumors surrounding Katy Louise Saunders.

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Katy Louise Saunders (left) and Song Joong Ki (proper) |

On December 25, 2022, Song Joong Ki revealed he was in a relationship with Katy Louise Saunders. Song Joong Ki’s company confirmed the actor’s relationship standing in a brief assertion.

Song Joong Ki is assembly a girl with good emotions. Please watch over them with a heat coronary heart. We ask in your understanding that info apart from the truth that they’re in a relationship can’t be confirmed. Please chorus from reporting unconfirmed hypothesis.

— High Zium Studio

Not lengthy after, Korean information shops started reporting rumors of Katy being a mom of a 10-year-old as pictures of Katy with a baby circulated on varied social media platforms.

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Photo of Katy (left) with buddy and little one | Money Today

Recently, rumors of Katy being a mom of a 10-year-old little one circulated on-line. Some netizens pointed to an image of Katy with a baby as proof.

— Money Today

The information article would state that in 2017, an Italian media outlet had reported that Katy was the godmother of the kid within the image, stating, “She is the godmother of her friend Georginia’s child.”

The article additionally reported that netizens claimed an image of Katy taken round that point confirmed her with a child bump. The information article would, nevertheless, debunk this by exhibiting an image of Katy taken on the identical day from a distinct angle that confirmed no proof of a being pregnant.

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Netizens alleged Katy Louise Saunders (pictured) was proven with a child bump (left) solely to be debunked by picture from a distinct angle (proper) | Money Today

At the time, when requested to touch upon the rumors, Song Joong Ki’s representatives declined, stating it was a non-public matter.

This is a non-public matter.

— Song Joong Ki’s representatives

A netizen would then debunk the rumors stating that there weren’t any articles written about Katy’s alleged being pregnant, which is just about unimaginable if she had certainly been pregnant or had given delivery.

Even in Italy, which is known for its paparazzi, there are not any articles saying Katy Louise Saunders had been pregnant or had given delivery. The image that makes it look like she is pregnant was taken in 2012 when she was courting Italian inheritor Giovanni Tronchetti Provera. If she had certainly been pregnant or had given delivery, there isn’t a manner there isn’t an article about it.

— Netizen

The netizen then uploaded a number of pictures of Katy Louise Saunders and a pregnant buddy, giving credence to information studies stating that the kid within the picture was the kid of Katy’s buddy.

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| theqoo

Now lastly, in accordance with a information report, Song Joong Ki’s acquaintance reportedly spoke out to defend the couple from the rumors.

On January 31, Ilyo Shinmun launched an article through which Song Joong Ki’s acquaintance denied the rumors.

Song Joong Ki firmly denied the (rumors). Katy is a widely known actress in Italy, so it’s unimaginable that they wouldn’t have reported her being pregnant. At the time (the image) was taken, she was courting a widely known Italian man. If on the time Katy was pregnant, it will have been huge information, however there aren’t any studies (a few being pregnant).

— Song Joong Ki’s acquaintance

According to Ilyo Shinmun, there have been, in actual fact, no articles mentioning any being pregnant. The information outlet revealed that the most important article surrounding Katy Louise Saunders was one involving a house housebreaking whereas Katy Louise Saunders was away. The information of the housebreaking was reportedly picked up by many main information shops throughout Europe, proving that if Katy Louise Saunders had been pregnant, it will probably have been reported.

The actor’s acquaintance then revealed that the kid within the image was, in actual fact, the niece of Katy Louise Saunders.

When I requested Song Joong Ki, he informed me it was Katy’s niece. Song Joong Ki isn’t the sort to reply to each one in every of these rumors, however I really feel that baseless rumors surrounding (the couple’s) non-public lives have to cease.

— Song Joong Ki’s acquaintance

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki thrilled followers when he made a shock announcement revealing he has married his girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders and that the couple is anticipating their first little one.

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