Survivor 42 hit the bottom running, actually and strategically. After a gap problem that led to each damage and intrigue, the 18 new gamers touched down on the seaside and started the journey of a lifetime. But for 2 of them, that journey was minimize brief after just a few days. And with one, their exit was an unprecedented state of affairs for the present.

Check out extra details about tonight’s premiere beneath and discover out who was voted out.

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Who acquired voted off Survivor 41 tonight?

(Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Jackson Fox

In a rarely-seen transfer, host and government producer Jeff Probst stopped by for a one-on-one chat with Jackson. There, he revealed the hospital transport employee had not disclosed the lithium medicine he had not too long ago weaned himself off of proper earlier than beginning the present. Due to the doable well being liabilities that got here from stopping the medicine, and its exaggerated results within the hunger and circumstances of Survivor, Probst mentioned Jackson can be faraway from the sport.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

(Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Zach Wurtenberger

Zach’s ardour for Survivor was palpable all through his three days within the recreation, even filling in Probst quotes for the veteran host. But his weak spot within the first Immunity Challenges had the remainder of the tribe trying in his path. Zach hoped he was protected by his “skinny guy” alliance with Romeo, in addition to the paranoia in direction of Tori for her idol searching. But he performed the “Shot in the Dark” benefit to ensure his security, which failed. Zach misplaced his vote, and have become the primary individual in Survivor historical past to get each single vote at a Tribal Council.

Were any benefits discovered on Survivor 42 tonight?

In the very first problem, Drea, Hai, and Lindsay got the “Advantage Amulet.” It was a totem that held totally different energy relying on what number of of them had been left within the recreation, with energy rising the less of them had been left. Additionally, just like the Survivor 41 premiere, three contestants took a visit to a cross-tribal summit the place they confronted one other alternative to get a bonus. Drea, Jenny, and Maryanne got the possibility to danger their vote for the opportunity of an additional vote, or shield their vote to keep away from dropping it. Jenny protected her vote, whereas Drea and Maryanne each risked and every acquired further votes.

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Who’s left within the recreation on Survivor 42

Chanelle Howell

Daniel Strunk

Drea Wheeler

Hai Giang

Jenny Kim

Jonathan Young

Lindsay Dolashewich

Lydia Meredith

Marya Sherron

Maryanne Oketch

Mike Turner

Omar Zaheer

Rocksroy Bailey

Romeo Escobar

Swati Goel

Tori Meehan

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