“Jungwoo having to cart him out is the funniest thing I read…”

NCT 127‘s Taeyong is known for having a particularly low level of alcohol tolerance among his members, and an encounter with a fan during a night out on the town is now hilariously exposing his true (drunk) personality.

Taeyong | @taexo_nct/Instagram

Along with Jungwoo and Taeil, Taeyong has often been teased by his members for being a bit of a lightweight (even if Taeyong did get a bit better, according to Jaehyun).

Even in latest content material that the group filmed for his or her 2 Baddies comeback, they’re nonetheless joking about it. During the Fill It Up YouTube sequence, Taeyong had NCTzens laughing when he “challenged” Taeil to a mini-drinking contest.

“Fill It Up” episode 5 | NCT 127/YouTube

And as standard, the members (particularly Johnny) couldn’t assist teasing them and Jungwoo about their low tolerance.

Yet, regardless of the similarity in tolerance between the three of them, it looks as if Taeyong continues to be usually the one who finally ends up the drunkest. According to the members, it’s because Taeil may be very strict about not going over his restrict, whereas Taeyong has no such inhibition.

Considering this, maybe it’s unsurprising {that a} fan witnessed him the best way they did when he was out along with his members. According to this fan, they noticed Taeyong and a few of his members at a restaurant. They had already had a number of drinks and Taeyong was noticeably drunk. By coincidence, the individuals on the desk subsequent to them have been celebrating a birthday…and drunk Taeyong enthusiastically joined in. In truth, Taeyong was so keen to hitch the party that Jungwoo needed to take him away.

Even so, Taeyong nonetheless refused to go away, and he remained sitting there after his members left.

NCTzens couldn’t get sufficient of the hilarious story. By the sound of it, Taeyong’s drunk persona definitely “sounds like a good time”!

And the irony of Jungwoo, who’s himself a light-weight, having to handle Taeyong was additionally notably appreciated…

Now followers are hoping that Taeyong will inform his personal model of the story, because it’s just too humorous an occasion to disregard.

With any luck, he’ll give NCTzens his take quickly!

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