There is allegedly rather more to this story than beforehand thought.

Recently, “leaked” photographs of alleged K-Pop couple BLACKPINK’s Jennie And BTS’s V have unfold on-line. The photographs had been all shared by the identical supply, a Twitter and Telegram person generally known as Gurumi Haribo (@gurumiharibo).

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The authenticity of many of the photos has been questioned as an increasing number of photographs had been “leaked,” and now a netizen is claiming to have background info on the particular person behind the Gurumi Haribo account.

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Gurumi Haribo’s chat on Telegram with greater than 45,000 members.

On September twenty eighth, a brand new Twitter account with the display screen identify DropTheBomb (@twocanplay_) was created and started to tweet accusations directed in the direction of Gurumi relating to the “leak” of photographs.

This account claimed that there was not only one particular person concerned within the concentrating on of Jennie and V, however quite many working collectively as a part of a plan to power the alleged couple’s firms to talk out. Their aim was allegedly to trigger as a lot “chaos and havoc” as potential.

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DropTheBomb claimed that Gurumi started so as to add particulars to their “leaks” and fabricate tales with a purpose to feed her personal ego. According to this account, “real” photographs of the “couple” had been by no means supposed for use, however Gurumi started to share them with a purpose to give her story validity and persuade viewers her story was true.

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In an try and show that their claims had been true, DropTheBomb proceed to share a wide range of not but seen “real” movies and photographs of V and Jennie, together with a bunch of different idols and celebrities. The account claimed that these photographs had been shared from a wide range of sources together with mates of idols, non-public accounts, workers, managers, and stalker followers.

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A photograph of what seems to be NCT’s Lucas and EXO’s Kai.

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A photograph of what seems to be a contestant from the relationship actuality present Heart Signal 2.

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An alleged picture of what seems to be BTS’s Jimin and an unknown man.

After sharing these photographs, DropTheBomb concluded that Gurumi deliberate on releasing extra “leaked” photographs of Jennie and V from their alleged vacation on Jeju Island, and warned that that they had the power to create any type of narrative about many idols.

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The Gurumi Haribo Twitter account has been suspended a number of occasions, however the person is lively on Telegram the place they’ve over 45,000 chat individuals. The account previously shared an “unseen” photo of Jisoo, which might help the claims made by DropTheBomb.

Neither YG nor HYBE have had a powerful response to the “leaked” pictures, nevertheless, netizens imagine that one new idols included on this “leak” will take motion.

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