EXO will quickly be making a particular comeback with “Don’t Fight The Feeling”. While they’ve all the time come out with attention-grabbing ideas and behind tales, this one may be the perfect ever. A Korean fan did some analysis and uploaded their principle onto neighborhood web site, theqoo.

Firstly, the context of most EXO theories begin out with the information that EXO’s idea is that they arrive from Exoplanet. They all are “aliens” which have superpowers. With D.O.‘s teaser, he’s seen touchdown on an orange-atmosphered terrain.

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| SM Entertainment

Through analysis, followers came upon that the planet he has landed on, is probably going Kepler-78b. This is linked to a undertaking referred to as “Exoplanet Exploration” for planets outdoors of people’ photo voltaic system.

The attention-grabbing factor to notice right here is that EXO’s final live performance identify was “Exoplanet Exploration” as effectively. A coincidence? We suppose not.

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The factor about Kepler-78b, is that it is without doubt one of the exoplanets (planets outdoors our photo voltaic system) that has a really comparable mass and radius to the earth.

Not solely that, Kepler-78b orbits round a star referred to as Kepler-78, very similar to how the earth circles the solar. It holds many similarities to the earth, making it a believable place to reside on.

Let us transfer on to Xiumin‘s teaser. Xiumin has landed on a spot with ice and aurora. It is alleged that that is Saturn.

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They have additionally deduced that Baekhyun in all probability landed on an exoplanet referred to as Proxima b.

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Proxima b equally is shut in mass and measurement with the earth. It is feasible that life can blossom right here.

On the opposite hand, Kai landed on Mars.

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You could also be questioning if D.O. and Baekhyun landed on exoplanets much like earth, why did Kai and Xiumin land on planets inside our photo voltaic system? Well, Mars itself is well-known to have contained fossils and indicators of life, whilst present situations are harsh. On the opposite hand, whereas life is close to unimaginable on Saturn itself as a result of severely chilly climate, its moons include some parts that make life potential. Xiumin’s superpower can be frost, which could possibly be why they despatched him there.

In conclusion, it’s potential that the idea revolves across the boys trying to find a planet, or exoplanet, to construct their new life. Either they can not reside on earth any longer or they don’t wish to.

There you could have it! Stay tuned for extra updates on this principle after the remainder of the teasers are launched!

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