She-Hulk‘s author, Jessica Gao, shared that they had been shocked that they were able to use Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, contemplating the character first appeared within the Netflix titular sequence and took till Spider-Man: No Way Home to make him canonical to the MCU. The Man Without Fear has been some of the compellingly written superheroes within the style and comedian e-book medium, and the success of him and his world of characters are deservedly taking extra form within the mainstream house with Marvel Studios’ Daredevil: Born Again.

It’s set to have an 18-episode first season, and with the likes of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin confirmed to return, followers are expectedly questioning what different villains may seem reverse Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. Whether it is on this preliminary season or a possible season 2, followers on Reddit are enthusiastic about the opportunity of the sequel/soft-reboot sequence increasing on the hero’s rogues’ gallery. From the ominous return of Bullseye to the extra obscure villains like Muse, there is a various record of villains to select from.


Certainly one of many newer and missed villains, Muse struck a chord with comedian e-book followers for being as inventive and disturbing as he was. He was a deranged artist and serial killer whose “work” concerned murdering individuals and turning them into set items. He additionally had metahuman skills that made even Daredevil’s eager Radar Sense tough to pinpoint.

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Understandably, he’d be a reasonably unknown character, given the truth that his first look was solely in 2016 throughout the Charles Soule’s run on Daredevil. Redditor Wild_Process_6747 had an attention-grabbing idea for a way a villain like him could possibly be labored, suggesting Muse operate as an elusive killer “who confused his senses and DD being criticized in the press, to Fisk’s amusement, for not capturing him.” It’d even be admittedly robust to think about a Disney+ model that does justice to the villain, as he’d seemingly be notably sanitized.


There had been many distinctive parts in regards to the authentic TV sequence, and Wilson Bethel’s Bullseye was actually one of the highlights of Daredevil‘s third season. The inventive workforce took some liberties with the psychotic villains, however they succeeded in making this live-action iteration of Bullseye as an unnerving and chaotic risk in his personal proper. Redditor damientepps hoped to see Bethel return because the character, saying they “just want Bullseye [to] return. Give him his costume.”

Season 3 managed to tie up the overwhelming majority of the present’s free ends properly, however the last cliffhanger with Bullseye having his backbone repaired is an ideal setup for a grand return in a soft-reboot sequence that satisfies as a payoff for longtime followers with out alienating new audiences. There’s been sufficient time between season 3’s timeline and the upcoming Born Again to keep away from any confusion.

Typhoid Mary

Introduced by author Ann Nocenti, Typhoid Mary is undoubtedly one of Daredevil’s most compelling villains, however followers solely simply missed out on seeing her make a correct look in live-action. She’s technically additionally had a portrayal within the Marvel Cinematic Universe — performed by Alice Eve. But she was sadly used as a villain in Iron Fist, regardless of being a significant antagonist in Daredevil’s nook of Hell’s Kitchen.

Redditor Chrispy_Kelloggs hoped for a worthy re-debut of Alice Eve’s rendition, whereas additionally noting that “maybe something a bit closer to the comic version” could be extra becoming. There could possibly be a compelling story arc targeted on her dissociative identification dysfunction or her pyrokinetic powers whereas staying true to the street-level environment.


Getting a full live-action model of the Gladiator appeared like one thing the unique Daredevil sequence was alluding to, particularly given his destiny in season 3. Played by Matt Gerald, Melvin Potter was a recurring character who designed Daredevil’s go well with, however his arrest on the finish could point out an inevitable villainous arc. At least within the comics, Potter dons the costumed persona attributable to his offended delusions over his superiority over superheroes.

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After being caught by the FBI in season 3 for working for Wilson Fisk once more, an analogous motivation and grudge in opposition to Daredevil could possibly be justified in Born Again. Redditor Chrispy_Kelloggs additionally hoped to see this iteration come again, saying they’d “also like to reintroduce Melvin Potter, but show that he actually became The Gladiator in the years after S3.” It’s one thing that additionally appears affordable, because of the time between the unique present and Born Again in 2024.


There had been many over-the-top campy heroes and villains throughout the ’60s and ’70s eras of the comedian e-book business. Unsurprisingly, lots of these characters had been handled as jokes that did not age properly, and Daredevil’s Stilt-Man is actually certainly one of them. He’s as ridiculous as his identify sounds, however some followers suppose that goofiness might work to his benefit.

The MCU has been fairly criticized for leaning too laborious into comedic reduction, however followers like Redditor Uncanny_Doom suppose “Stilt-Man would be perfect to use in a brief fashion the way we’ve seen characters like Batroc or Crossbones appear briefly in the Captain America stuff.” They additionally added that Born Again might open up with Daredevil placing him in his place as a approach to acknowledge his reasonably pathetic gimmick. He would nonetheless be a joke, however to not the extent of ’70’s-era comics. Instead, a Stilt-Man who has a stage of self-awareness in Chip Zdarsky’s present run on the comedian e-book sequence could possibly be the higher method to exhibiting his real risk, which, coincidentally, is one other of the best Daredevil comics for new fans.


While asking Born Again to keep up the unique sequence’ gritty, crime-noir really feel is sadly an excessive amount of to ask from an ardently family-friendly firm like Disney, inspiration from Mark Waid’s Daredevil comics could be a wonderful center floor when it comes to tone. Likewise, his run was well-received for bringing in a revolving door of Daredevil’s colourful rogues’ gallery, together with the likes of the mysterious Ikari.

This mysterious murderer wore a Japanese-themed Daredevil go well with and claimed to have the identical powers, making for an thrilling darkish mirror of the hero. Redditor LR-II had an intriguing approach to introduce him, suggesting, “they should use Ikari as a way to reintroduce Elektra. Make it a surprise twist that she’s been brainwashed into fighting him, so it can be a reference to both Ikari and Elektra’s time as Daredevil.”

Mister Fear

It’s no secret that each Marvel and DC Comics took turns copying one another’s ideas for heroes and villains alike, and the argument could possibly be made that Daredevil’s Mister Fear is the equal of Batman’s Scarecrow. Still, Redditor Tgk230987 felt that he was one of many “other classic villains” that Born Again ought to capitalize on. That being mentioned, the third incarnation of Mister Fear — Lawrence Cranston — might probably be made into an thrilling villain in his personal proper.

This Mister Fear has a motivation extra instantly concerned with Daredevil than what Scarecrow usually is to Batman, as Cranston developed a deep-rooted hatred for Matt Murdock after the latter defeated him in a mock trial in legislation faculty. Having Born Again use him as an more and more obsessive and upset antagonist would assist Fear stand aside.

The Owl

As far as different basic Daredevil rogues go, Redditor Tgk230987 additionally instructed The Owl seem within the upcoming sequence. The Owl technically did characteristic within the authentic present already and was killed off by the Kingpin. But this tackle Leland Owlsley, whereas becoming for the kind of character the inventive workforce was going for, actually wasn’t on the “supervillain” facet.

He was corrupt, serving as Fisk and co.’s soiled accountant, however not more than that. However, he did point out he had a son dwelling out of state, who some followers assumed would come to maneuver into Hell’s Kitchen to change into the extra standard Owl crime lord from the comics. A number of competitors has been wiped off the board within the organized crime world since Endgame, and introducing The Owl correct could possibly be an attention-grabbing approach to create rigidity and rivalry in Kingpin’s life — and Matt Murdock’s.

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