#3 actually emphasizes her magnificence!

Kep1er had been one of many many teams that attended and carried out on the 2022 MAMA Awards this yr. While the complete group seemed beautiful, followers raved over Huening Bahiyyih‘s various looks throughout the night, especially in unedited photos and videos.

Check out some great moments showing what she really looks like in real life!

1. She took our breath away when she appeared on the red carpet.

She looked like a model walking the red carpet.

2. Pretty In Pink

She looked absolutely stunning in this pink silk dress.

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3. No, really, pink is her color.

With her pink hair and pink dress, she really stood out in the best ways!

4. She was too cute watching Somi perform.

Fans often compare the two and have been wanting more interactions between them.

5. She owns the stage.

Huening Bahiyyih is a powerful performer, and she showed that during her time on stage at the awards show!

6. Kep1er won the “Favorite New Artist” Award!

Kep1er were one of four groups to win this significant award, and all looked adorable posing with their new trophy!

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7. The Cutest Selfie

Huening Bahiyyih shared this cute and unfiltered selfie posing with Kep1er’s award.

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