From trainee life to superstardom, BTS‘s JinSugaJ-HopeRMJiminV, and Jungkook have been together through thick and thin.

Top row: Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, J-Hope, and V. Bottom row: RM and Jin.

Fans can’t think about the constellation of BTS with out all seven of its stars, and neither can the members. “It doesn’t feel right unless it’s all seven of us standing in our formation,” RM mentioned in an ARMY membership package video clip.

Well, I really feel this fashion on a regular basis in my each day life. Like once we take photos and we don’t have everybody there, it feels empty… I really feel like an element is lacking. It doesn’t really feel proper except it’s all seven of us standing in our formation, you understand? I feel I’ve the seven syndrome, just about.

— RM

Jin, BTS’s oldest member, will quickly enlist in the military, however he’ll all the time be with the group (and ARMY) in spirit. Here are 7 the reason why BTS simply isn’t BTS with out him.

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1. He’s the older brother they want.

To pursue their desires, BTS’s members moved away from residence at a younger age. Jin went from being the youngest in his household to the oldest in his group, taking over the position of everybody’s older brother.

To at the present time, Jin takes care of his youthful “siblings” like an actual guardian would, bringing stability, pleasure, and a lot of laughter to their lives.

2. He’s the last word icebreaker

Whether it’s an interview, a nationwide tv look, or a reside broadcast, no one breaks the ice fairly like Jin. Despite being BTS’s shyest member, Jin goes out of his method to make everybody comfy by, properly…

…simply being himself!

3. He can change the temper within the blink of an eye fixed.

As somebody with excessive social intelligence and a aptitude for the dramatic, Jin can easily flip a doubtlessly damaging expertise right into a constructive one. Things received awkward when an award present emcee requested Jin and V to smooch, however Jin turned the entire scenario round!

4. He makes the folks round him really feel protected and appreciated.

For occasion, when V fell on the purple carpet, Jin knelt down too. See? Falling down is nothing to really feel embarrassed about!

5. His voice is irreplaceable

Each member brings a singular vocal coloration to the rainbow that’s BTS’s music.

Their songs simply wouldn’t be the identical with out Jin’s highly effective and versatile voice.

6. He brings his constructive perspective with him wherever he goes.

Oftentimes, our moods and perspective are affected by the folks round us. Jin has been candid about his struggles, however he strives to indicate his vibrant facet. He’s all about constructive pondering.

7. He’s a real, lifelong pal

Over the course of his profession, this social butterfly has solid long-lasting friendships together with his members…

…and a bunch of celeb associates. Those near Jin typically reward his generosity and sincerity. He’s the sort of companion all of us want!

Chef Lee Yeon Bok and Jin | @fuxtom/Instagram

Thank you for coming over as quickly as your quarantine ended Seokjinnie.

— Chef Lee Yeon Bok 

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