Content Warning: this record accommodates plot spoilers for Army of Thieves.

Army of Thieves, Netflix’s new prequel spinoff to Zach Snyder’s Army of the Dead, options the origin of the unique movie’s Ludwig Deiter, performed by Matthias Schweighöfer. Deiter, first often known as Sebastian Schlencht-Wöhnert, groups up with a crew of high-stakes burglars in an try to make heisting historical past.

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The all-new forged of characters come from various and complicated backgrounds that influenced who they change into by the point Sebastian meets them. Some of them turned out worse for his or her histories, however some emerged higher and braver than ever earlier than.

7 Rolph

Rolph stares and grits his teeth in Army of Thieves.

Rolph is the getaway driver for the titular military of thieves. Played by Guz Khan, Rolph retains up a tough exterior, masking his actual amicability. He makes pals with Sebastian quite shortly and even teaches him the significance of consuming meat sandwiches to extend one’s ingesting capability (as true pals do).

While Rolph actually has a beneficial talent set, he additionally lacks the braveness to face up for what he believes is true. When Brad Cage activates Sebastian, Rolph quietly voices his dissent, however refuses to do something about it, even when Korina and Gwendoline abandon the search in favor of discovering the safecracker. In the top, Rolph even joins Brad when he confronts their pals with a gun, not doing a lot of something to cease him.

6 Brad Cage

Brad Cage looks forward in Army of Thieves.

Brad Cage refers to himself because the “leader” of the group, although it turns into clear all through the film that he doesn’t deserve the title. Brad shortly reveals himself to be fairly unstable, even to the purpose of meaning to hurt these closest to him. His depth, whereas initially framed as his best power, really seems to be his largest weak point.

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While Cage displays conduct that appears to be braveness, he isn’t actually as courageous as he appears. In the top, viewers come to see that Cage was not brave in any respect, however was merely cocky and unrestrained. Despite his efforts to be seen as one of many basic American heroes, he shortly turned a villain nonetheless.

5 Delacroix

Delacroix aims his gun with other cops in Army of Thieves.

The head Interpol agent on the case of Sebastian’s staff is a mirror picture of Brad Cage. Obsessed with catching them to the purpose of close to lunacy, Delacroix follows the crew over many miles, all the time seeming to come back up brief in his mission. Nevertheless, he’s relentless in looking down the squad of robbers a technique or one other even when he is not essentially the most clever character in Army of Thieves.

Delacroix will not be the bravest particular person in any given room, however he did get to his place for a purpose. Despite the truth that he’s typically outsmarted, he’s all the time ready to hurry into hazard if it means catching his quarry. Even although his braveness is just not all the time utilized the best way it must be, it’s undeniably current.

4 Beatrix

Beatrix & Delacroix ride in a car in Army of Thieves.

Beatrix is the right-hand girl to Agent Delacroix, and seemingly much more succesful at doing her job than he’s. She typically pulls him again from the brink when she observes that he is gone too far, and steps in to take the reigns when she feels that she must. In the top, she might even show to be a greater agent than Delacroix.

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Though she doesn’t typically have a second to shine, Beatrix shows nice braveness over the course of the movie. Unlike Rolph, she is just not content material to look at as she is aware of wrongs are being dedicated. On a number of events, she calls out Delacroix for crossing the road and is ready to step into hazard alongside her males at any given time.

3 Korina

Korina in Army of Thieves

Korina is the resident laptop genius of the group of thieves. Witty and sarcastic, she is the voice in Sebastian’s ear every time he goes into the sector to crack one other protected. Though she typically comes off as aloof, she proves to truly be fairly a caring good friend, even leaving Brad behind after he deserted Sebastian. Overall, she is a great addition to the Army of the Dead franchise.

Korina is not afraid of anybody and proves it over and over throughout the occasions of the movie. When surrounded by Interpol, she gathered herself sufficient to destroy the cellphone that they have been looking for simply in time. Not solely that, however she held out within the face of intense (and quite unethical) questioning by Delacroix. In the top, she proved to be one of many bravest of the crew.

2 Sebastian

Sebastian leans his head against a gold safe in Army of Thieves.

Sebastian, first launched to the viewers as Ludwig Deiter in Army of the Dead, is one of Army of Thieves‘ most likable characters, and maybe the world’s best safecracker. Though Sebastian can at instances be explicit and even a bit petty, he has a coronary heart of gold beneath his suspenders.

Sebastian comes off as nervous and fearful a lot of the time and is rarely fairly prepared for the motion at hand. However, regardless of being always out of his consolation zone, he all the time rises to the event. Whether it’s sneaking right into a credit score union or hopping aboard a practice to keep away from arrest, Sebastian all the time does what is critical. Also, it might be silly to neglect his heroic and brave sacrifice on the finish of the unique movie, the place he saved Vanderhoe’s life, solely to lose his personal.

1 Gwendoline

Gwen looks at something in the distance in Army of Thieves.

Gwendoline is the powerful and sensible mastermind of the group, who participates in every heist for the joys greater than the cash. A teenage runaway, Gwendoline can also be an knowledgeable pickpocket and a talented fighter, prepared for nearly any state of affairs that she might discover herself in.

Of the members of her group, Gwendoline is the bravest by far. She is the one one prepared and capable of rush headfirst into hazard with out dropping her cool. And, in the long run, she is greater than able to take the autumn if it implies that Sebastian can escape arrest by Interpol. Though she would not all the time use her braveness for good, it’s plain that she is the bravest of the bunch.

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