Twenty-Five Twenty-One” aired its final episode on Sunday third, April, and followers mourn the tip of a joyous journey. The drama revolves across the story of a youth, when two struggling members of youth discover consolation inside one another.

Na HeeDo (performed by Kim TaeRi) is a fencing athlete who has been unable to safe any medals for fairly a while. During the monetary disaster in South Korea, her fencing membership dissolves. Though decided not to surrender, she does every thing to change faculties and switch to the college her position mannequin, Go YooRim (performed by WJSN’s Bona), was attending.

Also a sufferer of the South Korean monetary disaster, Baek YiJin’s (performed by Nam JooHyuk) household went bankrupt and all members needed to flee, residing in several components of the nation. The twenty-two-year-old is pressured to outlive within the merciless world and make a residing for himself and his household.

Their candy moments warmed the hearts of the viewers. Here are the moments between Na HeeDo and Baek YiJin, that earned them the title of ‘Comfort Couple’.

This article accommodates spoilers.


1. Makeshift Fountain And Water Fight To Ease Baek YiJin’s Worries

Episode 2 of “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” brings us probably the most comforting scene, that warms the viewer’s hearts.

As talked about earlier than, Baek YiJin’s household goes bankrupt. And so his father owes cash to many others. It is why the household scatters. Baek YiJin is shipped to the navy, however after two years he returns to Seoul. The males to whom his father owed cash discovered him and lashed at him, crying over how they had been struggling due to his father.

Upon listening to so, Baek YiJin claims that he won’t ever be comfortable once more as a strategy to pay them.

Na HeeDo witnesses the scene. Rather than leaving, she takes Baek YiJin to her faculty yard, the place she turns the faucets upwards and opens them, making a fountain. Eighteen yr outdated HeeDo is in pleasure on the sight, and as if that was contagious, Baek YiJin too opens all of the faucets. It is simply a matter of time that the 2 get right into a water battle.


At that second, Baek YiJin places his worries within the backseat and enjoys himself as a younger boy. Giggling and working away from the guard, identical to the boy at his age ought to have been.


2. Na HeeDo Continues To Support Baek YiJin Despite Him Leaving Without A Word

 5 Times Kim TaeRi And Nam JooHyuk Gave Us The Perfect Comfort Couple In "Twenty-Five Twenty-One"


In episode 5 of “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”, folks wanting their cash from Baek YiJin’s father make it to his youthful brother’s, Baek YiHyun (performed by Choi MinYoung), faculty. His youthful brother was beforehand beneath the care of his aunt and persevering with his research.

But after the encounter, the 2 brothers go away town. Baek YiJin took the choice to guard his youthful brother. The two return to their mom (performed by Kim YoungSun), who was residing along with her personal brother.

Baek YiJin  continues to work there in order to not be a burden on his uncle. He doesn’t contact Na HeeDo or inform her about him leaving. But HeeDo couldn’t be indignant at him. She understood that there should be causes for his abrupt departure.

HeeDo continues to pour her assist into him after receiving his pager. She continued to ship supporting messages to him and YiJin would play them again and again.


3. Baek YiJin Takes Na HeeDo To Her First Field Trip

After turning into a sports activities reporter, Baek YiJin turns into accountable for filming a documentary, involving Na HeeDo and Go YooRim. During their interview, he involves know that each of them have by no means been on a area journey as a result of they needed to observe. In episode 10 of “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”, Baek YiJin takes NaHeeDo and the others to the seashore.

 5 Times Kim TaeRi And Nam JooHyuk Gave Us The Perfect Comfort Couple In "Twenty-Five Twenty-One"


Na HeeDo is past pleasure upon the information, and the 5 head to the seashore. The complete journey is itself endearing as all of them start enjoying within the water and doing all kinds of infantile stuff. When Baek YiJin is sitting recording others, Na HeeDo approaches him. When he asks how the journey was, she replies that she doesn’t know what different area journeys are like however that was extra enjoyable.

 5 Times Kim TaeRi And Nam JooHyuk Gave Us The Perfect Comfort Couple In "Twenty-Five Twenty-One"


When Moon JiWoong (performed by Choi HyunWook) places photos on the cabinet, whoever would really like a duplicate ought to write their title under. Baek YiJin chooses a solo image of Na HeeDo and HeeDo too chooses an image of Baek YiJin.


4. Baek YiJin Clears Na HeeDo’s Name

After HeeDo adjustments faculties, now being in the identical membership as her favourite fencer. Na HeeDo couldn’t have been happier, YooRim’s harsh perspective crushes all her goals. It is quickly that the 2 grow to be rivals of one another. HeeDo begins climbing up the ladders until she lastly reaches the finals of the Asian Games Tournament. Now being towards YooRim.

The sport is intense, with each of them being neck to neck. It is until the ultimate contact when the 2 method concurrently. The referee claimed that HeeDo was quicker, so she bought a degree and gained the gold medal. But YooRim is so devastated and believes that she was quicker, that she begins to protest towards the choice.

This causes a ruckus on media platforms, claiming that Na HeeDo stole YooRim’s gold medal. Even to the extent that they questioned whether or not they had bribed the referee.

Whilst the media makes Na HeeDo the villain. Baek YiJin refuses to face again and watch all of it occur. Not solely does he exit of his means, doing every thing to meet up with the referee. Even working to the airport on the day he was about to go away. Baek YiJin will get his interview, proving that Na HeeDo was certainly the winner.

Na HeeDo, upon seeing the information, burst into tears. Bearing the burden of the scenario, when her very first gold medal fell in shame. Baek YiJin does precisely what she deserves, justice by being her voice.

 5 Times Kim TaeRi And Nam JooHyuk Gave Us The Perfect Comfort Couple In "Twenty-Five Twenty-One"



5. Na HeeDo Comforts Crying Baek YiJin In The Tunnel

Similarly, the media stays ruthless to the 2 athletes. This time it was Go YooRim. When she chooses to be part of Russia’s nationwide crew, reasonably than Korea’s. Her father will get into an accident, the opposite get together being in a nasty situation. The household falls into distress.

YooRim then decides that she is going to not act blind to their monetary struggles, and as a substitute is able to take the burden.

Unfortunately, now a reporter, Baek YiJin, made her resolution public. The information was acquired negatively by different media retailers and the general public. The public is devastated by the information. Other media retailers additionally threw dust upon her, labeling her as a traitor who took the choice due to her greed.

Baek YiJin had anticipated this final result, which is why he struggled to present the information. Even upon seeing the information, Na HeeDo too is angered by his act.

But YiJin regrets being the explanation why YuRim was being hated and even asks her to inform the general public the reality. But she refuses.

 5 Times Kim TaeRi And Nam JooHyuk Gave Us The Perfect Comfort Couple In "Twenty-Five Twenty-One"


On his means again by way of the tunnel, Baek YiJin breaks down and falls upon his knees. It is then he sees Na HeeDo earlier than him and he or she embraces him. The two then wipe the graffiti on the wall when Na HeeDo claims that she is going to share all his feelings, be it happiness or sorrow. Assuring him that he would by no means be alone

 5 Times Kim TaeRi And Nam JooHyuk Gave Us The Perfect Comfort Couple In "Twenty-Five Twenty-One"


 5 Times Kim TaeRi And Nam JooHyuk Gave Us The Perfect Comfort Couple In "Twenty-Five Twenty-One"


The scene was vital, contemplating it confirmed Na HeeDo’s progress. She was coronary heart damaged when her mom broke the information of her supposedly ‘stealing’ the gold medal and even for not making it to her dad’s funeral. But right here, she accepted Baek YiJin’s viewpoint and his job as a reporter.


Baek YiJin and Na HeeDo grew up in one another’s love. Both discovered their power and confidence in one another, and the superb chemistry between Kim TaeRi and Nam JooHyuk made it much more impactful.

What is your favourite scene between Na HeeDo and Baek YiJin from “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”?


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