After final week’s explosive cliffhanger, “Why Her?” returns with company showdowns, conspiracy, and naturally extra questions. We lastly get some perception into what remodeled Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin) from the earnest public defender of Gong Chan’s (Hwang In Yeop’s) reminiscence to the battle-hard girl she is right now. Soo Jae peels the layers of herself this week, displaying what makes her tick as she faces down enemies on each entrance. But as intelligent as she is, Soo Jae is just one particular person, and the person who has been ready for her to fall wants just one mistake to take every part from her.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 5-6 beneath.

1. Chairman Choi’s complete existence

During the preliminary episodes, CEO Choi Tae Guk (Heo Joon Ho) of TK Law appeared like a intelligent businessman with an appreciation for Soo Jae’s work. He took her facet when she waltzed away with Hansu Group’s paperwork, and he promised their return. He made her managing associate. It even appeared comprehensible that he would ask her to step away from the place after Park So Young’s (Hong Ji Yoon‘s) death. The nepotism and his blatant favoritism of his son Choi Joo Wan (Ji Seung Hyun) were dislikable, certainly, but not abhorrent. Until this week happened.

For every bit of geniality he offers others, Choi Tae Guk is a kingmaker. He rose through the ranks as a prosecutor doing just that and became Chief Prosecutor, after which he broke away to form TK using his connections from all the wealthy people he set free. Now, he’s a political participant that maneuvers individuals like chess items into the high-ranking positions that he needs and makes them dance as his puppets. And Soo Jae isn’t his subordinate. She’s one in all his victims.

2. Sky

There has all the time been one thing off between Joo Wan and Soo Jae’s interactions that goes past mere dislike. In final week’s episodes, she was livid upon being ordered to deal with Joo Wan’s impending divorce and truly appeared close to tears. And the reality is so painful. It seems that she dated Joo Wan at one level, and he knocked her up and made guarantees of marriage.

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ji seung hyun

Worse, Choi Tae Guk echoed the identical guarantees to a youthful, happier Soo Jae upon discovering that she was pregnant. He informed her to go to the States the place Joo Wan would be part of her. They could be married and provides the newspapers a love story for the ages. Choi Tae Guk even had the heart to smile and tenderly say that he needs his daughter-in-law to be the principle character in a superb story. Yeah, it’s a revenge thriller now, not a love story.

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A trusting Soo Jae ended up going to the States and sadly had a stillbirth. She known as Joo Wan after which Tae Guk when nobody picked up, solely to seek out that they have been each at Joo Wan’s marriage ceremony to the lady who’s now his spouse. A shattered Soo Jae realizes that she’s been thrown away, that they all the time meant to do that to her. She’s misplaced her little one, whom she’d nicknamed Sky, and has nothing left, so she makes an attempt to take her life. And the lads? They couldn’t care much less. It’s completely despicable.

3. Choi Tae Guk’s “kind” supply

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After Soo Jae makes an attempt to finish her life, she calls Choi Tae Guk who lastly picks up. Between gasps, she asks why he did that to her, and he isn’t even fazed. He says that she was the one who tousled by being silly sufficient to consider that she was on the identical stage as him and Joo Wan. The scary factor right here is that he doesn’t even use a condescending tone or snigger at her. He simply says it prefer it’s truth, prefer it’s one thing apparent and clear, and he shouldn’t even have to elucidate it. In truth, now that she’s clearly seen the error of her methods, he’ll make her a suggestion: return to TK and work for him, or grow to be nothing and nobody (as a result of there might be nothing left of her profession after this).

It’s solely sheer fury that permits Soo Jae to cling to life sufficient to stumble outdoors her hospital room and get assist. She returns to TK and sobs outdoors the doorways due to how exhausting it’s for her to willingly return to the place that chewed her up and spit her out and to work for a similar man who ruined what was left of her innocence. But she does it. It’s simply so creepy how happy Choi Tae Guk is as they shake fingers. He guarantees to “raise” her nicely and provides her a style of energy like he didn’t simply lose a grandchild?? Soo Jae vows then and there to not cease with only a style however to grow to be energy itself and swallow every part Choi Tae Guk has labored for. And thus, the Oh Soo Jae we all know was born.

4. What’s in a reputation

But the hurt Choi Tae Guk has inflicted on Soo Jae doesn’t cease there. When Gong Chan cracks open Hansu Group’s encrypted USB with the assistance of the remainder of the authorized clinic, he finds that Choi Tae Guk and Joo Wan used Soo Jae’s title to open a paper firm within the Bahamas and embezzle cash from Hansu Group into it. Soo Jae’s eyes flip to metal when Gong Chan informs her of that, and he or she schedules a gathering with Choi Tae Guk.

This scene is an performing masterclass as a result of Seo Hyun Jin and Heo Joon Ho are simply that good. Seo Hyun Jin’s enunciation has all the time been on level, however there’s one thing concerning the barely unhinged method that she performs Soo Jae’s fury that’s electrifying. She notes that for 2 enemies who know one another’s weaknesses, they certain got here far. Choi Tae Guk instantly laughs that Joo Wan’s remedy of Soo Jae was by no means his weak point as a result of she’s nothing and something that occurred to her wouldn’t have mattered. But Soo Jae is aware of that this embezzlement issues. This entails political gamers past the 2 of them and has quick penalties for his dream of ruling the nation from the shadows. So when Choi Tae Guk asks what she needs, she smiles and says that the price of her title is 70 billion gained (roughly $54 million).

And for as soon as, we have now the pleasure of seeing Choi Tae Guk figuring out he’s screwed.

5. Soo Jae having to deal with Joo Wan’s divorce.

Choi Tae Guk is livid at being cornered however has to conform to the charge or Soo Jae has no qualms about exposing every part. But he throws in a single ultimate barb. For that sum of cash, he says that Soo Jae ought to deal with Joo Wan’s divorce. She performs it simple, however assembly with Joo Wan’s soon-to-be ex-wife wounds her, not out of any affection for Joo Wan however as a result of she finds that Joo Wan’s little one Choi Jae Yi (Han Joo Hyun) shouldn’t be his spouse’s little one. In truth, his spouse was pregnant however miscarried upon discovering that Joo Wan had cheated on her and had a toddler with yet one more girl. She says she has no real interest in having parental rights over Jae Yi and holds the kid answerable for the dying of her child (oh that’s simply unhappy!).

seo hyun jin31

Soo Jae retains a straight face all through her assembly, however this triggers recollections of her dropping Sky, and he or she sobs to her good friend Chae Joon Hee (Cha Chung Hwa) that she needs to inform somebody about this secret she’s been holding all this time. But as an alternative of telling her good friend, who has not solely recognized her longer and is a reasonably nice particular person by the appears to be like of it, she needs to inform Gong Chan as an alternative as a result of she seems like he’d consolation her extra. This is a extremely unusual second as a result of she will be able to positively inform each individuals. But Soo Jae appears to assume that it’s a binary alternative. It’s fairly odd, particularly since she doesn’t even find yourself confiding in him in spite of everything.

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We finish on a cliffhanger this week as nicely as a result of Soo Jae makes the bewildering alternative of occurring her personal to fulfill a recognized gangster and fixer for Hansu Group. She arrives in time to see his automotive blow up, virtually killing her, and as standard, she calls Gong Chan as an alternative of the police. She’s going to take 10 years off this boy’s life at this price. That’s the odd factor with “Why Her?” At instances it’s a tightly-written authorized thriller, at instances it’s a melodrama, and at instances it’s a type of investigative procedurals the place the principle characters make bewildering selections. Why on earth would she go on her personal? Especially when this is identical man who tried to assault her in final week’s cliffhanger. Oh, Soo Jae, simply what goes by your head?

Gong Chan continues to be the odd one out right here. He’s exhausting to dislike as a result of the man is wise and eager on defending Soo Jae, however he’s so gung ho dedicated to doing something and every part she needs that the query arises as to if he has a character of his personal. Next week appears to indicate Soo Jae being arrested for the homicide of Hansu Group’s fixer. This inverts the positions that Gong Chan and Soo Jae have been as soon as in as public defender and accused. Perhaps Gong Chan may take it upon himself to defend her and present us extra of who he’s as a person and a soon-to-be lawyer. Now that certain could be welcome.

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