Fans love seeing moments between the 2 youngest members!

Vernon and Dino are the 2 youngest members of SEVENTEEN however sometimes act very mature as a result of their a few years in present enterprise. Fans love seeing moments the place the paid act just like the youthful brothers of SEVENTEEN! Here are 5 occasions Vernon and Dino reminded us all that they’re the 2 youngest members of their group.

1. Vernon Making Dino Laugh

One factor the paid have in widespread is their skill to chuckle with one another, which they do typically, and often on the expense of their older members!

2. Dino Complimenting Vernon

In a VLive the pair streamed collectively, Dino forces Vernon to point out the followers his “beautiful eyes” after a fan feedback about how engaging Vernon’s eyes had been. Vernon the makes Dino do the identical!

3. Dino Being Awkward

In a video, Dino asks fellow member THE8 to be in a photograph with him for social media however is awkward when asking him as a result of he doesn’t wish to hassle him. His members off-camera chuckle at him for being so timid!

4. Learning From Each Other

In certainly one of Dino and Vernon’s most viral clips, Vernon teaches Dino an English phrase that he positively didn’t know earlier than. Fans love this clip as a result of Vernon translated “I am going to murder these tacos” into “I am going to eat these tacos deliciously” for Dino!

5. Dino’s Actual Younger Brother

Another motive Dino may not all the time seem to be the youngest in SEVENTEEN is perhaps as a result of the truth that he’s the oldest in his circle of relatives! Dino tells the story about how his personal youthful brother has claimed he appreciated Vernon a bit higher than Dino, which makes the complete group chuckle.


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