The excellent film ending shouldn’t be that straightforward to draft. The huge, sweeping gesture of love in romance movies is often clichéd, however then once more, a love story can’t finish with a easy hug or a proper swipe. The ending must be simply the correct mix of drama and keenness, like a wonderfully blended cocktail (sure, the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail aced its completely satisfied ending completely).

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But not all romance movies work the identical method, and each movie must know its strengths. Modern-day rom-coms want a variety of conviction in the event that they wish to maintain the swipe-happy millennials from rolling their eyes on the climax. Here are some romance movies with impeccable endings, and a few rom-coms with not-so-great endings.

10 Great Ending: Shakespeare In Love (1998)

Critics have broadly been divided in regards to the ending to this cult romantic comedy; whereas some really feel like Shakespeare In Love (1998) ended with a cop-out scenario, most of them agree that the film’s ending is ideal as a result of it doesn’t depend on apparent tragic or comedian tropes and as a substitute talks about hope.

In the top, Viola (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Will (Joseph Fiennes) half methods as Viola will get married to Lord Wessex and sails to a colony in Virginia. Will vows to immortalize his love and begins drafting his comedy Twelfth Night; the movie primarily reveals him imagining his Viola because the shipwrecked heroine of Twelfth Night (additionally named Viola), suggesting that the character was primarily based on his misplaced love.

9 Missed The Mark: My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

The ending to this film was famously re-written as director PJ Hogan revealed that the unique ending didn’t do nicely with the check viewers. The ending to My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) reveals the scheming Jules (Julia Roberts) ditching her plans to sabotage the marriage of Michael (Dermot Mulroney) and Kimberly (Cameron Diaz) however as a substitute giving the completely satisfied couple her blessings.

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There is not any sense of closure within the ending, as Jules is seen dancing together with her homosexual buddy and editor George (Rupert Everett). The authentic ending had Jules assembly a person, and although a complete cliche, followers did need Jules to satisfy somebody new, so she may take her thoughts off her failed journey.

8 Great Ending: Before Sunrise (1995)

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise.


Before Sunrise (1995) at all times rooted for a humane, grounded method to like, which can be why the movie stays so related all through the years. The movie doesn’t finish with unrealistic or lofty gestures or a sweeping tragedy the place the 2 vacationing lovers go their separate methods.

Celine (Julie Delphy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawk) promise to satisfy one another in six months in the identical place the place they left off, and don’t share any contact data. There’s a variety of resilience in the best way the movie depicts love and camaraderie and the followers liked how the movie doesn’t use tropes of ache or struggling to make their relationship appear complicated or intense.

7 Missed The Mark: Friends With Benefits



There are so some ways a modern-day buddies with advantages story might be depicted; it doesn’t must be a fairy story. And regardless of having an important, star-studded forged and a stable premise Friends With Benefits lets itself down with its ending.

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The movie had many flaws however had an important spontaneity which helped the viewers join with the characters. But in the long run, Dylan (Justin Timberlake) opts for the cliched, sweeping gesture on the Grand Central Station, which ought to ideally make any New Yorker roll their eyes. Also, the ending doesn’t match the grounded, new-age vibe of the storytelling.

6 Great Ending: The Shape Of Water

There’s been an intense discourse over the ending of the Oscar-winning film, and critics extensively imagine that Guillermo del Toro intentionally went for an ending which could possibly be defined each scientifically and in any other case. The literal ending means that Elisa can be of an amphibian origin for the reason that scars on her neck confide in be gills when she goes underwater with the Amphibian Man.

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This logic-backed paradigm can be fairly fantastical, and virtually too good to be true. There are many fan theories that counsel that Elisa truly dies when she is shot by Strickland, and no matter occurs underwater is the Amphibian Man’s creativeness; both method they each escape their treacherous realities, making for the right ending. 

5 Missed The Mark: Maid in Manhattan

This movie has a variety of coronary heart but it surely upset its viewers when it opted for a Cinderella-esque ending. Maid in Manhattan reveals a relationship develop between resort maid Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) and a senatorial candidate, Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes); there may be clearly a variety of deal with class variations and questions why their relationship ought to be the speak of the city.

But as a substitute of getting that dialog in a wise or significant method, the movie’s ending merely reveals Marisa not being poor anymore as she begins her personal hospitality enterprise in the long run. It by no means addresses the realities of their private disparities or the variations of their backgrounds.

4 Missed The Mark: How To Be Single

This Dakota Johnson movie has many flaws however its ending shouldn’t be one in all them. How To Be Single primarily encompasses a millennial lady who’s merely not used to being single, since she has been in relationships most of her grownup life.

So, when Alice (Dakota Johnson) takes a break from her longtime boyfriend, she’s undecided the best way to navigate the relationship circuit. The movie reveals her forming a reference to fairly a couple of males, though none of them pan out to be severe. In the top, Alice hikes by way of the Grand Canyon by herself to see the yr’s first dawn, which is one thing that was on her bucket listing, suggesting that she’s making an attempt to make room for herself in her life.

3 Missed The Mark: The Proposal

The chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds was plain on this movie, which is what makes The Proposal’s failings so disappointing. Margaret (Bullock) is a high-flying publishing editor who’s about to be deported to Canada and fakes an engagement together with her assistant Andrew (Reynolds) to trick immigration providers.

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The movie ends with Margaret and Andrew truly falling in love and getting engaged, which is essentially the most painfully predictable ending the rom-com may presumably have utilized. Even although by the top of the movie, viewers are rooting for the couple to get collectively, the ending’s rushed and unrewarding for viewers who have been hoping for one thing just a little extra mature. 

2 Great Ending: 10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You’s ending is the largest instance of how not each completely satisfied ending needs to be a cliched one, typically it’s greatest to deal with the chemistry between the protagonists. This fan-favorite romance has some main drama between sophomore lovers Kat (Julia Styles) and Patrick (Heath Ledger), and but it’s painfully apparent that they wish to be with one another.

So, as a substitute of doing the will-they-won’t-they dance, the ending merely reveals Kat professing her love for Patrick and reuniting with him as he surprises her with the guitar she needed. It’s natural, it’s not over-the-top, and most significantly, it’s very simple to narrate to.

1 Missed The Mark: Letters To Juliet

Letters to Juliet is a superb movie; it’s breathy, spirited, and is not only a one-time watch. But, the ending of the movie feels oddly disconnected from the whole storyline, contemplating Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) and Charlie’s (Christopher Egan) love story doesn’t contribute something to the script and solely begins gaining relevance midway by way of the movie.

That’s to not say that their connection feels compelled, however contemplating the movie’s script is closely backed by literature and Charlie’s grandmother’s private historical past, the ending of the movie wanted to be ultimately related to the aim of the entire movie.

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