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NMIXX is a gaggle stuffed with fairly women, and Jinni and Sullyoon are two explicit members who’re at all times a scorching matter due to their unreal visuals! To see precisely why they’re hailed as being a part of 4th gen’s prime beauties, see their 5+ finest two-shot photos under.

1. Their Pictures By The Beach

When NMIXX visited the seashore, Sullyoon and Jinni shocked in crop tops and pants. Their animated and full of life expressions simply introduced out their pure magnificence!

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2. Their Pictures At A Fansign

They acquired inventive for a previous fansign and wore probably the most lovely costumes and equipment.

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3. Their Pictures At An Interview

Not lengthy after they made their debut, Sullyoon and Jinni sat down for a lighthearted video on NMIXX’s official YouTube channel. They dished on why they became K-Pop idols, the action Sullyoon did for Jinni that she’ll always remember, and what their first impressions of one another have been. They wore cozy sweaters and even flashed the identical pose for the digicam!

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4. Their Pictures At A Baseball Match

Next, the 2 regarded beautiful once they watched an area baseball match with their members.

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5. Their Pictures On Instagram

They look simply as dazzling of their selfies collectively!

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6. Their Pictures At An Awards Show

Finally, their current look on the 2022 MAMA Awards trended online due to how lovely they each have been. It’s no exaggeration to say that every one eyes have been on them.

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Meanwhile, get to know extra about Sullyoon and Jinni within the article under.

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