Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” is an ongoing K-Drama on TVING. The drama launched their first episode on 14th July 2022. The lead solid embody NCT’s DoYoung, Han JiHyoATO6’s Son HyeonWu, Kim JiHoon, Bang JaeMin and Kwon AhReum.

“Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” is the story about Seo HeeSo, a school pupil who’s an aspiring lyricist. She discovers a magical lyric-writing guide that may make anybody fall in love along with her and shortly she has a line of males round her. With so many suitors, will HeeSoo be capable to deal with the implications?

The drama brings a magical youthful romance that delights the viewers. The present is crammed with scenes that make our hearts flutter! Here is the checklist of some.

The article incorporates spoilers!


1. The Opening Dream Sequence


The drama opens with a dream sequence. HeeSoo (Han JiHyo) goals of being along with her crush, KangWook (ATO6’s HyeonWu). The state of affairs begins with the dialogue “When is the right time to confess?”. HeeSoo and KangWook  change from one state of affairs to the opposite. At first, they give the impression of being out of the practice after which step out into the snow, then they’re on the rooftop and lastly, the 2 are on the mattress. The three scenes mix all the best romantic eventualities that make one’s coronary heart flutter.

The stunning cinematography and the tender music within the background make all of it much more enchanting. Even although the second doesn’t final lengthy, as quickly as he confesses, KangWook begins coughing out blood. Fortunately, it was all only a dream.


2. Kim KangWook’s Public Confession For HeeSoo

As talked about earlier than, “Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” begins with a dream sequence the place HeeSoo is with KangWook. KangWook is her senior within the song-writing membership she was part of. She had a crush for a very long time. In reality, each woman within the school did. He treats women sweetly, and sometimes acts in a means that may be deceptive. HeeSoo too will get the improper concept that he may like him, so she decides to admit, however earlier than she will be able to, she finds out that he was with one other member of the membership.

Heartbroken, she writes down within the magical lyrical guide in regards to the story she wished they’d. The subsequent day on the live performance, miraculously, KangWook sings the identical music that she wrote- despite the fact that she had not submitted it or confirmed it to anybody. By the tip of the music, he confesses that he likes her and asks her out.

Though viewers knew that it was all due to the guide, the scene was nonetheless simply as impactful. The means he sweetly kisses her head earlier than everybody. The scene appeared like a victory for our woman, who wished nothing however to be beloved.


3. The Time HeeSoo Helps SiHo Heal

 4 Moments From "Dear X Who Doesn't Love Me" That Made Our Heart Pitter-Patter


In episode 3, we get to search out out about SiHo (NCT’s DoYoung) and HeeSoo’s first assembly. SiHo was a sufferer of bullying in his earlier faculty, so he modified faculties, however the trauma and worry stayed with him. He was extraordinarily shy and nervous as he launched him to the category. When all of them instantly crowded him round, HeeSoo informed them to provide him some area.

Later within the episode, he bumps into one of many college students and that triggers reminiscences of the previous. SiHo experiences a panic assault so he runs to a close-by empty class. It is HeeSoo who finds him there and comforts him. Just like that, she turned his protected individual and  SiHo was in a position to transfer on from his previous and dwell his life as a highschool pupil.


4. When SiHo Steps In To Protect HeeSoo

After her breakup with KangWook, HeeSoo goes on a courting spree. She makes use of the guide to make males fall in love along with her, although it could final just for a month. In order to make SiHo imagine her, she makes Park JoonYoung fall for her. He is a well-liked freshman within the Literature Department. He is the one one who does not breakup along with her. When a month of them being collectively passes away, quickly she realizes that he was solely utilizing her for private wants.

After understanding the reality, she dumps him however JoonYoung posts anonymously, spreading rumors about how she went out with each man and writing lyrics about it. Even although SiHo and HeeSoo stopped speaking earlier than the incident, SiHo calls out to her when she was caught amongst all the scholars that whispered and gossiped about her.

 4 Moments From "Dear X Who Doesn't Love Me" That Made Our Heart Pitter-Patter


He even warns JoonYoung that he’ll sue him for it earlier than working after HeeSoo. He comforts her, similar to she did again within the days when he felt suffocated in highschool.

 4 Moments From "Dear X Who Doesn't Love Me" That Made Our Heart Pitter-Patter


“Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” brings ahead a youthful romance with a storyline with a lot deeper that means than it appears. The drama continues to curiosity the viewers with it stunning cinematography and the actor’s phenomenal performing. We cannot wait to witness extra heart-warming scenes from the drama!


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