Ram Gopal Varma’s Company, starring Vivek Oberoi, Mohanlal, Ajay Devgn and Manisha Koirala amongst others, completes 20 years of its release immediately. On the event, we spoke to Vivek who spilled the beans on what he realized from his co-stars. While the actor mentioned that he didn’t get many tips about performing, he did study so much about life on the units of the RGV movie.

He recalled some of the helpful performing ideas he acquired from “brilliant” Mohanlal. Company noticed Mohanlal play Mumbai City Police Commissioner Veerappallil Srinivasan.

“I didn’t get many tips as an actor because people knew that I came in quite prepared. But I got so many life lessons from Mohanlal, Ajay Devgn and Ram Gopal Varma,” Vivek mentioned.

He continued, “I remember Lalettan (as Mohanlal is fondly called) would write all the Hindi dialogues in Malayalam. He would place little pieces of paper with the dialogues all around the room. He would just look at those pieces of paper and read the Hindi dialogue in his Malayalam writing. I asked him how he is able to do this, to which he replied, ‘Acting is not about dialogues.’ He said, ‘Like in life, in acting, you need conviction.’ I remember that line so clearly. I was so amazed.”

Years later, Vivek Oberoi used Mohanlal’s method on the units of the latter’s movie Lucifer. “Almost 17-18 years later, I shot for my first Malayalam film Lucifer with Mohanlal, and I did the reverse. I wrote all the Malayalam dialogues in Hindi or English. I placed them behind him and other co-stars. I remember I walked up to him to ask how did I do and he said, ‘One cannot tell you don’t know Malayalam. You were so good.’ So, I said this is exactly what I learned from him 17 years ago,” he mentioned.

Company additionally starred Ajay Devgn within the lead function. When requested about Ajay, Vivek referred to as him an “elder brother” and recalled how his energy and honesty impressed him. “I remember him telling me about his financial struggle after Raju Chacha and how he took it in his stride. He was so strong and overcame the difficulties. These are the things you learn from people,” he mentioned.

Vivek additionally mentioned he realized from filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma to not take reward and failures critically. “I only learned one thing from him – the ‘I don’t care what people think about me. I live in the moment. Every moment is mine. I am master of my own journey.’ attitude. I truly believe that he lives that way too. By doing that, he defines success for himself. He doesn’t allow anyone else to define it for him, which is phenomenal,” the actor mentioned.

Lastly, Vivek Oberoi remarked that it was “an absolute privilege” for him to be part of RGV’s Company. “Every actor somewhere wants to get immortal through celluloid. That is a dream for every actor. Company gives me the sense of immortality,” he concluded.

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