Naagin Season 6 twelfth February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begin with Ganesh, Gayatri Vadnana and Shiv Puja🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Somewhere throughout 2019 in any respect individuals are gathering at some place the place they speak that this secret assembly may be very critical😱 however that to abruptly. Someone ask why Professor you known as all folks from each the place? Every one collect from all 5 areas, the place Guru, Jain, Aghori, Pandit and Sadavi get inside cave.. Professor arrive stating that all the things will change in 2020.. although everybody deny, however professor inform that I’ve seen.. he learn that puchal tara💫 fall, calamities occur. Everyone get shock😱. He inform that I went to Kedarnath Temple🙏🏻the place he encounter with tiger🐯 however get saved by Naagin🐍. He enter inside temple, although each don’t agree statimg even that examine stars💫, however he says I’m stating true, however this time it won’t from weapons.. however no-one believes him and depart..

Somewhere at Chingistan lab, the place all haters of India, prepared to purchase that liquid which is able to spoil India’s water and can unfold pandemic..
Story flip into 2020:- the place villian add that liquid in water and folks get assault by that liquid⚗️…

Now all agree and ask Professor about answer.. professor inform that sheshnaag🐍answered when i requested him. Everyone ask him, who’s that individual. Professor inform that she has to return: both together with her will or not.. she must come, not for her revenge however for saving India🇮🇳.. she has to return:- SheshNaagin🐍. (like severely, kya dramatic story hai🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️)..
They ask the place is she? Who will name her?
Professor says she is best of all, no-one is servived from her chew, she’s going to come.. she stays within the temple beneath of nilgiri hills🏔️.. if some-one see her, that individual get moksh.. i’ll name her with assist of finest sepras..

All sepras performs naagin music🎶 however Sheshnaagin🐍 get defend by her helper snakes. Every snake🐍 chew sepras. But abruptly that temple begin to break and make gap, professor realises that India’s soil and lord shiv solely can deliver her out. He ask them to play India tune: VandeMatram🎶🎶..
Finally SheshNaagin arrives and sing tune Teri mitti whereas praying to Lord Shiv and India..
Professor inform that SheshNaagin has to return to save lots of India from pandemic, she has too come for certain…

Pratha does reherse stating that I’m Naagin🐍. Her father which have some really feel. She says i’ll depart now for my job. Her father bless her to get correct job quickly..

Professor speak to sheshnaagin🐍 telling how he discovered about manthan, and you’ll not even in a position to see your enemies not like earlier naagins (proven all from season 1 to five). Professor ask his males to ship this letter to camp, as in the present day is twenty sixth Jan.

Some the place at camp, military folks save little one and Indian flag🇮🇳, whereas everybody praises head of military: Rishab Gujral.
Pratha whereas coming again get teased by some native teaser boys.. abruptly one woman come and inform them I’ll drop them, don’t fear and goes with them..

Pratha deliever her dialogue however says its not practical.. that woman flip into Naagin🐍 and kill all boys, whereas Pratha ship her dialogues that She is naagin, who take her revenge, at anyplace and at any time. Pratha get her pay. Professor man attempt to meet Rishab however military males drag him, whereas rishab get half message and run behind that man. That man meet Pratha and conceal remainder of the letter📝 in Pratha’s bag. Rishab scold his males for his or her negelance, whereas that man get assault and dies.

Pratha get cease by police, they usually ask her to present statment concerning her work. Rishab get his father name.

At Rishab home, All member of the family get pleasure from horror story and get scared😱 seeing chachi and everybody tease chachi. Rishab ask for forgiveness for being late, however his father says let it’s, get late for something, however not of India🇮🇳. Dadi ask them to prepare for temple, as nicely ladies household will likely be arriving as nicely.

Pratha speak to get pal and inform all the things about what has occurred. Her father ask about her happiness with Mayank. He ask her to go to Shiv temple and take blessings. She get interview name and goes.

Rishab and his household Prays for marriage puja. Pandit ji inform about to take blessings as this pandemic will unfold for very long time..on the otherside Professor speak to Naagin🐍 that you’ll not in a position to see your enemy till finish.. rishab mom welcome ladies household whereas stating that every time woman and boy pray right here collectively they get Shiv blessing, whereas Pratha and Rishab prays collectively.. pandit ji bless pratha stating you’re very fortunate, you’ll change world, whereas she leaves staing hope to get job quickly..

Rishab and his brother discuss puja and marriage, and make enjoyable of Shiv ji and pandamic. They lose their management on seeing Snake🐍 and fall down clif. Pratha was passing by and listen to their shout for assist. She assist them however rishab hand slips stunning her😱..

Precap: Professor inform that in the present day is full moon🌕 day, we will get some trace for certain.. they see that 1st villian is disabled with one leg. Rishab assume that this message and pandamic has Some connection, whereas Pratha arrive at Rishab home.

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