All Seinfeld followers are acquainted with essentially the most well-known and iconic quotes from the present, from “no soup for you” to “Yadda Yadda Yadda.” But whereas Jerry and his mates usually say strains of dialogue which are so hilarious that they’ve change into a part of on a regular basis speech, the characters on this ’90s sitcom even have some quotes that might be thought of underrated. While followers have made numerous humorous memes that includes a few of the most well-known quotes from this present, there are such a lot of extra that might be created.

From Jerry’s commentary on a well-known superhero to some humorous strains from Kramer and Newman, there are various Seinfeld quotes which are so humorous that they might lend themselves completely to memes.


Updated on May thirteenth, 2022 by Aya Tsintziras: Fans won’t ever develop uninterested in Seinfeld and the significant and foolish quotes which are in each single episode. Whether Jerry is joking about Superman, Elaine is pissed off with George, or Kramer is considering his life’s function, numerous quotes from this beloved sitcom would work for memes.

Jerry’s Theory About Superman

“I think Superman probably has a very good sense of humor.”

George with his arm around Jerry in the Seinfeld Pilot

In the season 1 episode “The Stock Tip,” Jerry has an attention-grabbing and distinctive idea about Superman. When he says that this well-known determine should be humorous, George says he would not say something hilarious and Jerry says he ought to have “super humor.”

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Jerry’s joke is tacky and heartwarming, making it excellent for a meme. Fans might use it once they really feel misunderstood as a result of they’ve an opinion that they assume is good however their mates simply do not get it.

Jerry Loves His Answering Machine

“I love my phone machine. I wish I was a phone machine.”

While individuals may want texting to speaking on the cellphone nowadays, the season 2 episode “The Phone Message” continues to be hilarious, and Jerry says this underrated quote about eager to be an answering machine.

Jerry thinks that it could be nice to have the ability to keep away from those that he did not wish to discuss to, which is unquestionably a traditional Jerry joke as he finds it powerful to take care of individuals who aren’t his good mates. Jerry’s quote would make a humorous and nostalgic meme.

Newman Talking About Vegetables

“I love broccoli. It’s… good for you.”

Wayne Knight as Newman in Seinfeld

The season 8 episode “The Chicken Roaster” includes a foolish storyline as Jerry sees Newman ordering broccoli at Kenny Rogers and realizes that Kramer cannot cease consuming the hen. Newman pretends that he is a giant fan of broccoli when Jerry is aware of that he hates it.

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Newman’s quote would make for a hilarious and relatable meme as so many individuals attempt to love greens however can not help struggling to incorporate one thing inexperienced in every meal.

Kramer’s Made Up Word During Scrabble

“Quone. To quone something.”

Kramer talking on the phone on Seinfeld

Some of Kramer’s Seinfeld quotes are funnier now and irrespective of what number of occasions followers return and watch this sitcom, there are certain to be some hilarious Kramer strains that stand out.

In the season 1 episode “The Stakeout” Jerry and Kramer are taking part in Scrabble with Helen and Morty and Helen performs the phrase “quone.” Kramer says that it is an actual phrase and that it is a medical time period, and it looks as if this quote would lend itself effectively to a meme of Kramer. The meme could be an incredible reminder of how foolish and wacky Kramer is.

Jerry Talking About Newman

“He’s a mystery wrapped in a Twinkie.”

Newman and Jerry’s rivalry is a well-known a part of Seinfeld and whereas the season 6 episode “The Big Salad” is iconic because of the massive salad that its on the coronary heart of it, it is also bought a humorous and underrated Jerry quote.

When Elaine and Jerry are discussing Newman, Jerry comes up with this line, and it could be an ideal meme to explain something that’s complicated and mysterious.

Jerry Having A Tough Time

“I’m freakin’ out! I am freakin’ out!”

George tells Jerry he got engaged in Seinfeld

Jerry’s quote from the season 6 episode “The Diplomat’s Club” would work completely for any state of affairs when somebody is wired or overwhelmed.

Seinfeld followers might use this meme anytime, and it could probably be very talked-about since there’s all the time a second in somebody’s day once they get too nervous about one thing and have to take a number of deep breaths to settle down and refocus.

Elaine Mentioning The Stink In The Car

“Do I smell something? What am I, hard of smelling? Of course I smell something.”

Elaine subverts the ordering protocol at soup nazi's kitchen in Seinfeld

Fans love Elaine’s best insults on Seinfeld and each episode has not less than one memorable quote from this common character, whether or not Elaine is discussing her relationship life or commenting on the habits of her humorous mates.

Elaine’s joke about being “hard of smelling” from the season 4 episode “The Smelly Car” is completely meme-worthy. Fans would love to make use of this meme each time they wish to state the plain.

Kramer Is Comfortable Being Himself

“I’m doing what I do, way I’ve always done and the way I’ll always do it.”

Fans keep in mind when Kramer tries to maneuver to Los Angeles within the season 4 episode “The Trip.” Acting would not work out for him, and earlier than he goes on a rant about how issues aren’t going in response to plan, he talks about how he lives his life the best way that he needs to.

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There are only a few Kramer quotes that would not make for an ideal meme and this one works effectively as many individuals can relate to it, particularly in the event that they are usually rebels like Kramer who like being on the surface of conventional society.

George Talking About Art

“It always has to be explained to me, and then I have to have someone explain the explanation.”

George Constanza Seinfeld

While a few of George’s Seinfeld quotes aged badly, others nonetheless maintain up, together with when he talks about artwork within the season 3 episode “The Letter.”

When speaking to Jerry, George says “I don’t get art” after which says that it is an excessive amount of for him as a result of he would not even perceive somebody’s clarification of the piece that he is taking a look at. Everyone can completely relate to not all the time understanding what a portray or sculpture is meant to convey, even when it could really feel embarrassing to confess.

Stella Talks To Helen And Mentions Golden Girls

“This better be good. I’m missing Golden Girls for this.”

Helen talking on the phone on Seinfeld

Fans love the season 3 episode “The Pen” due to Elaine hurting her again on the couch mattress, and it is also bought this excellent quote from Stella, a lady dwelling in Florida who Helen would not like.

While Helen may not be a fan, this can be a quote that feels prefer it was made for a meme, particularly since somebody might create a break up picture of Helen from Seinfeld and the Golden Girls forged. Everyone can relate to wanting to remain dwelling and watch a favourite present.

Jerry Talks About Presidents With Beards

“Who was the last president to have a beard?”

Jerry and George in Seinfeld

Another nice instance of a random dialog that Jerry and his mates have, Jerry says this humorous quote within the season 8 episode “The Van Buren Boys.”

The remainder of the change is much more hilarious, as George says it was Nixon and Jerry says a “thick beard” and George makes up a president named Artemis N. Falkmore as a result of he says that it sounds actual.

Jerry Makes A Language Joke

“It’s a sculpture of limitations”

Jerry Seinfeld's eponymous show Seinfeld

Jerry often says what people think on Seinfeld, and different occasions, he turns into reflective and smart as he thinks a couple of random matter.

In the season 3 episode “The Cafe,” Jerry thinks in regards to the phrase “statute of limitations” and jokes that it might be a “sculpture.” While this can be a small scene and never as memorable as a few of Jerry’s different quotes, it nonetheless stands proud as a unusual assertion and it could even be a humorous meme.

Elaine Gets Fed Up With George

“George, you’re sappin’ my strength”

Elaine tells off George on Seinfeld

While followers all the time see the 4 Seinfeld fundamental characters hanging out collectively, typically Elaine can not help however be irritated with George and wish that he could be a bit extra critical and fewer goofy.

In the season 4 episode “The Movie,” George and Elaine are in line to purchase tickets, and George begins speaking about all the snacks that he needs. Elaine’s quote is memeworthy as this might be used for therefore many exhausting conditions.

Kramer Gets Philosophical

“Look, Jerry, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately I’ve been drifting aimlessly.”

The season 8 episode “The Bizarro Jerry” is a favourite one as Kramer begins working at an organization the place he has really by no means been employed.

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This is a large deal, as Kramer all of the sudden needs that means and function in his life when followers know that he has been content material to reside unconventionally up till now. Kramer’s quote is nice as he’s actually involved about his every day life, however Jerry and followers know that Kramer has all the time been his personal one who does no matter he needs.

Elaine Sympathizes With Jerry

“It’s very hard being a stand-up comedian. Sometimes they don’t laugh!”

Jery and Elaine have the babka argument

After years of friendship, Elaine is aware of Jerry effectively and understands the worst a part of being a comic: worrying that audiences will not snicker or benefit from the materials.

Many individuals would relate to this Seinfeld quote if it was used as a meme, whether or not they work within the trade or not. Elaine’s phrases ring true for anybody who loves what they do however typically has some powerful moments of insecurity.

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