Beca Mitchell’s journey from outcast to the Bella sisterhood was a storyline that was neatly threaded via every Pitch Perfect movie. The Barden Bellas didn’t get off to the very best begin, however after studying methods to work collectively to carry out the very best in every of them, they turned an unstoppable group with robust friendships.

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As they spent extra time collectively, they grew nearer, even permitting the closed-off Beca to really feel snug opening up. Their sisterhood is probably the most vital relationship within the trilogy, even through the quite a few jokes about Jessica and Ashley’s place within the group. However, via all of the laughs and acapella competitions, some particulars all through the trilogy don’t make sense.

Updated on July twenty sixth, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: Though it has been years since Pitch Perfect 3 hit theaters, followers nonetheless need extra. Part of that could be a results of wanting a decision to among the unanswered questions from the trilogy. Part of that’s merely a want to spend extra time with the enjoyable characters that populate the flicks. No matter how enjoyable the covers and the sisterhood of the Bellas are, nevertheless, followers are nonetheless left with loads of confusion over a number of plot factors.

13 No Other Bellas Go On The USO Tour

Pitch Perfect 2 box office

It’s made clear that the group of Barden Bellas attending the USO tour to compete for an opportunity to report an album are supposed to be the “original” Bellas of the trilogy. Those who reunite for Pitch Perfect 3 are alleged to be the closest of the group. While that is candy, there hesitancy at Stacie not with the ability to attend and Emily being invited as an afterthought is a bit of odd.

Pitch Perfect 2, in any case, demonstrates that there are dozens of former Bellas prepared to carry out on the drop of a hat. Emily additionally leads the brand new Bellas as she prepares to go off to regulation college. It’s unusual for there to not be any dialogue of some other Bellas becoming a member of them.

12 Chloe Takes A Russian Literature Class

Chloe In Pitch Perfect 3

Every film is full of fun performances, however they’re additionally filled with continuity errors. One of these is Chloe’s profession path. Her decisions for what she opts to pursue do not make an entire lot of sense.

In Pitch Perfect 2, it is made clear that Chloe is not solely prepared to maneuver on from the Bellas. She deliberately fails her Russian literature class a number of instances with a purpose to delay graduating. Why is she taking a Russian literature class, and extra importantly, why is it stopping her from graduating, are by no means addressed. It particularly would not make sense after Chloe says she desires to both be a kindergarten trainer or a dancer – neither of which might require that class. In Pitch Perfect 3, nevertheless, she’s develop into a veterinary assistant, one thing she would have required extra education for anyway!

11 Aubrey Claims To Hate Performing

Aubrey In Pitch Perfect 2

Aubrey is the Bella most invested in performing and profitable competitions within the first film. In the second film, regardless of having graduated, she’s introduced again to assist the Bellas discover their sound. She implies that she misses performing with them, and he or she even returns for his or her huge end on the worldwide competitors.

In Pitch Perfect 3, Aubrey throws the opposite Bellas and the viewers for a loop although. She reveals that she’s relieved when Beca wins the competitors – not the Bellas as an entire – as a result of she hates the stress of performing. While it is true that Aubrey would not cope with stress nicely within the earlier motion pictures, her loosening up on stage within the first film’s ultimate mashup would not appear to point that she hates performing in any respect, however the reverse.

10 Pitch Perfect 3 Is Part Action Movie

Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 are in regards to the Barden Bella’s aspirations to win an acapella competitors. While Pitch Perfect 3 contains a few of that storyline into the movie, one other a part of the movie makes it look like an motion film. Amy’s father, Fergus, owns a big boat and kidnaps the Bellas to get Amy to see him.

While Beca leads the Bellas in a canopy of Brittney Spears’ “Toxic,” Amy rushes across the boat, utilizing numerous karate expertise to defeat her father’s guards. The tone of the third installment doesn’t work with the opposite two and makes the storyline really feel misplaced.

9 Amy’s Backstory

Pitch Perfect 3 provides a brand new perspective to Amy’s life by revealing her historical past together with her father. However, this storyline doesn’t coincide with what the viewers already is aware of about Amy’s previous. While the earlier movies by no means make the plot about Amy and Fergus to be fully false, it’s not practical throughout the context of the primary two movies.

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The joke about not wishing to do cardio in Pitch Perfect doesn’t make as a lot sense if she was raised on martial arts. While it does give extra perception into Amy’s previous, the subplot was too remoted from the remainder of the trilogy’s storylines.

8 Lily/Ester’s Continuity

Pitch Perfect 3 Brittany Snow Anna Kendrick Anna Camp Hailee Steinfeld Chrissie Fit Hana Mae Lee

In Pitch Perfect, Lilly introduces herself as Lilly. Yet, in Pitch Perfect 3, she re-introduces herself to the Bellas as Ester. While her identification turns into a query, that’s not the one continuity drawback that the character faces. Throughout the primary movie, Lilly is a low speaker, speaking in a whisper on a regular basis.

At the tip of the primary movie, she speaks at a median quantity aloud and continues to make use of a louder voice. However, Lilly returns to utilizing a gentle voice within the subsequent two movies. At the tip of the third movie, she speaks up loudly once more, revealing her identify to be Ester and that Satan has left her physique.

7 Chloe’s Nodes Voice

Chrissie Fit, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld and Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect 3

The Barden Bellas face a devastating blow when Chloe reveals she has Nodes. When the Bellas lose the competitors, Chloe decides to have surgical procedure to take away them. However, with the Bellas put again within the competitors, Chloe should work out methods to use her voice in a different way.

After performing a brand new association, Chloe’s voice will get very deep, sufficient to hit the low notes. During the competitors in Pitch Perfect, Chloe’s deep voice is emphasised. However, within the following movies, Chloe’s deeper voice has not been referenced once more. The drama surrounding the storyline fell flat, contemplating it didn’t proceed.

6 Beca’s Relationship With Her Parents

Beca wears her headphones at her computer in Pitch Perfect

Coming to Barden University, Beca was not thrilled to be spending time together with her father. Beca didn’t spend that a lot time with him till she had pushed lots of her pals away. Things had been dangerous between Beca and her father since Dr. Mitchell had left Beca’s mom for the “Step-Monster.”

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However, after Pitch Perfect, Dr. Mitchell disappears from the movies, and there aren’t any mentions of him. Additionally, it’s not clear what kind of relationship Beca had together with her mom. Beca by no means mentions preserving in contact with both of her mother and father.

5 Pitch Perfect 2 World Championship

Flula Borg in Pitch Perfect 2

Other than the Barden Bellas and Das Sound Machine, each group through the World Champion Competition performs a rendition of “Any Way You Want It” by Journey. The tune simply permits the viewers to get via a number of performances seamlessly, getting a style of every group. While the tune could also be in style, it’s not practical that each group would select to carry out that tune. Series like Glee present audiences how troublesome it’s for one group when one other has precisely the identical setlist in competitors.

Since the Barden Bellas and Das Sound Machine don’t use “Any Way You Want It” of their units, it’s understood that together with the tune was not a requirement. It would have been fascinating to understand how the judges responded to just about each acapella group performing the identical tune.

4 The Announcers

John Smith and Gail Abernathy-McKadden stuffed the silence between performances with loads of chatter and commentary. They had loads to say about any group on a regular basis. Their roles within the first two movies saved them comparatively separate from the remainder of the principle characters.

In Pitch Perfect 3, John and Gail are on the helm of a documentary in regards to the Bellas, following them round. However, the factor about them that doesn’t make any sense is that they communicate through the performances. Whoever could also be listening to the acapella competitors or wish to hear the performers, possible has no real interest in listening to John and Gail communicate over the teams which can be singing.

3 Jessica And Ashley

For a trilogy about sisterhood, Jessica and Ashley actually obtained the brief finish of the stick. The women have been round for the reason that first movie, eagerly auditioning for the acapella teams amongst Stacie, Cynthia Rose, and numerous others. While Jessica and Ashley are recruited to hitch the Barden Bellas, they don’t get the identical focus that the remainder of the Bellas obtain.

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In Pitch Perfect 2, Beca admits that she doesn’t know which ones is Jessica and which is Ashley. In Pitch Perfect 3, they immediately state that nobody might have referenced them in dialog. While they appear to be remembered within the content material of the group, Jessica and Ashley are typically background jokes within the franchise. The solely Barden Bella to worsen therapy than Jessica and Ashley was Denise. Denise solely appeared within the first movie after which was forgotten within the following two movies.

2 Benji And Bumper’s Disappearance

Benji and Bumper didn’t have to seem in Pitch Perfect 3, however there might have been a reference to what occurred to them. The final time the boys had been seen, it regarded as if Benji and Emily had been about to start a relationship, and Bumper hoped to take part on The Voice whereas persevering with a relationship with Amy.

However, in Pitch Perfect 3, Amy briefly mentions that she and Bumper had damaged up, and nobody references Benji in any respect. Jesse Swanson obtained extra acknowledgment for his breakup with Beca. Why did Beca and Jesse break up? Beca websites the long-distance relationship as the rationale – and Jesse was now residing in California with a brand new girlfriend and their cat.

1 What Type Of Solo Artist Is Beca

Pitch Perfect showcased Beca’s abilities of mashing up songs in mixes she performed for Jesse and the tune composition she created for the Bellas. In Pitch Perfect 2, the movie emphasised how anybody can do Beca’s most distinctive expertise with a pc. The music producer needed to listen to one thing that got here from Beca as a musician, one thing authentic.

However, Beca couldn’t do this on her personal and teamed up with Emily to create an authentic tune. Pitch Perfect 3 emphasised Beca’s singing voice as a focal point for Theo, who’s DJ Khaled’s music producer. DJ Khaled and Theo share an curiosity in Beca as a musician by listening to her sing and the way in which she performs with the soundboard. However, the movie doesn’t go deep into what kind of artist Beca could be as a solo act.

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