If there’s one factor Thanos proved in Avengers: Infinity War, it is that he is likely one of the strongest and most succesful characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His depiction on display is not a lot totally different than his comedian e book counterpart. He’s one spectacular character who succeeded in defeating the Avengers, Asgardians, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, in addition to many extra characters off-screen.

He seems to be the strongest being within the MCU, however simply why is Thanos so sturdy? That’s largely as a result of his entry to the Infinity Stones. There are nonetheless some characters who’re technically stronger than he’s. Given the correct circumstances, some members of the Avengers might have overwhelmed the Mad Titan have been he not so advantaged because of the Infinity Stones. On his personal, Thanos remains to be an extremely highly effective character with a lot of skills making him stronger than most individuals he comes into contact with.

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When it involves figuring out who’s stronger than Thanos (and who’s weaker), it is vital to have a look by means of the comics in addition to the movies for the talents that may not have but been showcased on display. While it is practically unattainable to cowl each character within the MCU because it grows, this group makes for compelling entries to look at Thanos’ power towards.

Updated on July twenty sixth, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: As the MCU continues to develop and broaden into the far reaches of area and even new timelines, new characters, and new variations of previous characters, will come to the display. Thanos may not be the massive unhealthy shifting ahead, however his presence – and the outcomes of his motion – loom so massive within the MCU that the power of various characters shall be measured towards his potential to defeat the Avengers for years to come back.


Star Lord Walkman

Star-Lord may need some planetary energy saved deep inside him within the MCU, however he does not actually know methods to wield it simply but. Instead, he depends on his human-level brute power and familiarity with a variety of firearms in a battle.

It does not assist that, not like Thanos, he is not capable of hold calm and preserve focus in a battle. His feelings are inclined to get the higher of him, as followers witnessed in Avengers: Infinity War. There’s no manner Peter Quill is taking Thanos down in a one-on-one battle when his lack of focus with half-a-dozen allies alongside him price them a win.


Fans really bought to see Captain Marvel be part of the battle towards Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, and it is fairly clear from her temporary try at conserving the Infinity Gauntlet away from him that she’s stronger than he thinks.

Her energy set entails absorbing and redirecting vitality. She’s primarily a conduit for energy, making her personal power just about limitless. The solely cause she could not defeat Thanos in Endgame was due to the variety of outdoors weapons and the literal military used towards her. If they confronted off, Thanos would not stand an opportunity.


Sam Wilson Winter Soldier featured

He is likely to be going by Captain America as Steve Rogers’ successor, however his energy set stays the identical in each roles. Sam Wilson is not somebody with tremendous power or different tremendous skills. He does not have the bodily power to tackle a Titan.

That does not imply Sam’s flying expertise would not come in useful towards Thanos. It simply means he’d should spend most of his vitality evading the enemy as an alternative of truly combating again.


Loki Episode 4 Ravonna

With the airing of the primary season of Loki, it is clear that the MCU’s Time Variance Authority holds numerous energy, even when Loki and Sylvie shake issues up for them. Within their headquarters, for instance, the Infinity Stones are simply paperweights.

That means Thanos would not even be capable of use his most well-liked weapons towards them if he occurred to violate their sacred timeline guidelines. It additionally helps that everything of the TVA is armed with weapons that permit them to “prune” folks from the timeline. If they took Thanos on in their very own home, they’d have him out of fee very quickly.


Dave Bautista as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Drax is arguably top-of-the-line characters within the MCU, and his portrayal by Dave Bautista is completely wonderful. When in comparison with the comedian e book character he is primarily based on, nonetheless, he is extremely weak. In the comics, Drax isn’t solely a lot stronger than his on-screen counterpart, he was primarily created to defeat Thanos.

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Looking again at his efficiency on display, Ronan beat him handily within the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie and he did not fare properly towards Thanos when the 2 lastly met. He definitely has the center to fight the Mad Titan, however relating to a blow-to-blow comparability, Thanos is far stronger than Drax the Destroyer.


Thor has confirmed himself time and time once more on the massive display. Is Thor stronger than Thanos? As the Asgardian God of Thunder, he has gone toe-to-toe with a few of the MCU’s largest and baddest villains. Without a weapon, he’s nonetheless very sturdy, having weakened his sister Hela, however he does his finest work when he’s holding one thing in his hand.

Though he misplaced Mjolnir in his preliminary battle with Hela, he withstood the would possibly of a star to forge Stormbreaker. When he reveals up in Wakanda and makes use of the weapon, he simply defeats his enemies. Had he adopted Thanos’ recommendation and aimed for his head, he would have simply defeated him and prevented the “snap” that culled half the universe. When he follows by means of with that concept later, it is a bit too late, but it surely’s proof that he might have received.


Loki is a kind of characters who is consistently defeated however at all times appears to come back again stronger than he was earlier than. He’s a trickster and the Asgardian God of Mischief so enemies would anticipate him to maintain on coming. Even demise cannot hold Loki out of the story.

When it got here time for Loki to go towards the Mad Titan, he was simply grabbed and the life was choked out of him. Granted, Thanos used the powers of the Infinity Gauntlet on the time, however seeing as he had simply defeated the Hulk in hand-to-hand fight, it appears probably he would have simply defeated Loki with out the weapon.


Across the Marvel Universe, there actually isn’t any character stronger than the Incredible Hulk. Not solely is he ridiculously highly effective to start with, he will get stronger the madder he turns into. Over the years, he has solely gotten stronger within the comics. While Thanos did defeat him once they got here face-to-face within the opening act of Infinity War, let’s not overlook Thanos had the Power Stone on the time.

Were the 2 to go up towards each other, the Hulk would simply smash Thanos into the bottom. There’s virtually no query about it. The Hulk has the higher hand in most conditions towards Thanos.


Tony Stark held his personal towards Thanos within the remaining scenes of Infinity War, however he was finally not capable of sustain. Through the usage of his Bleeding Edge Armor, he was capable of stand up to a lot of the Titan’s blows, however the go well with’s nanobots continued to degrade and fall off all through the battle.

Tony might tackle most opponents have been he given sufficient time to organize, however when evaluating Tony and Thanos immediately, Tony is the weaker of the 2. Even with out the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is much extra highly effective than any of the fits of armor Tony Stark has invented.


Thanos is fortunate Surtur was busy smashing the stays of Asgard when he went on the lookout for the Infinity Stones. Surtur is an immensely highly effective being who simply defeated Hela and destroyed Asgard on the finish of Thor: Ragnarok. Granted, his half within the destruction of Asgard was foretold, however his energy was so immense, it is no shock he was capable of perform the prophecy and fulfill Ragnarok.

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Hela simply defeated the mixed would possibly of Asgard herself and seeing as she was rapidly dispatched by Surtur, it is not unreasonable to imagine he would smash Thanos have been the 2 to battle. With the Infinity Gauntlet, it isn’t a query, however on his personal, there isn’t any manner Thanos might have gone up towards Surtur when empowered by the Eternal Flame.


Black Widow leaning on a panel in Captain America Winter Soldier.

Black Widow has numerous skills on account of her Red Room training and, due to some Stark-Tech, she has some cool weapons. Unfortunately, she is not a match for the likes of Thanos. She undoubtedly proved herself towards his minions once they got here to Earth on the lookout for Infinity Stones, however when evaluating a gifted human with superb fight expertise to somebody like Thanos, she does not really evaluate.

Her signature transfer of leaping up and gripping an opponent’s neck to take them down would not even work on the man—he is too massive! She might punch and kick him all day — whether or not he has the Infinity Gauntlet on or not, it isn’t going to make any distinction. He might merely swat her away like a fly, however he would in all probability take a second to understand Black Widow’s heroism earlier than doing so.


Where Y'all Been - Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One

Granted, she not exists within the MCU however have been the Ancient One to return, or had Thanos gone up towards her when she was alive, issues may need performed out in another way in Infinity War. Doctor Strange realized quite a bit from the Ancient One, however if you evaluate their skills, he nonetheless has a lot to study. She was the true Master of the Mystic Arts and her expertise in sorcery would have simply matched Thanos.

This is a battle that may have even succeeded with Thanos carrying the Infinity Gauntlet. As we noticed within the movie, he had some bother battling Doctor Strange so an much more highly effective sorcerer definitely would have an opportunity towards the Mad Titan.



The viewers did not get to see Clint Barton in Avengers: Infinity War as a result of his “retirement,” however he returned for the battle in Endgame. He definitely has numerous expertise, however as he stated in Avengers: Age of Ultron, he is only a man armed with a bow and arrow.

He’s the most effective archer within the MCU and will hit something he goals at, however that does not imply a lot to Thanos. Imagine if Hawkeye have been within the battle on the finish of Infinity War. Would Thanos even discover if some arrows have been bouncing off him? Probably not. While an arrow to the attention would possibly decelerate most individuals, it will probably be solely a minor annoyance to the likes of Thanos who is definitely stronger than even probably the most gifted human.


The Ego introduced within the MCU is sort of totally different than the one within the comics, however on the very least, he is a planet! Not solely is he a planet the dimensions of Earth’s Moon, however he is additionally a Celestial, which is a being extra highly effective than some other within the Marvel Universe. Not a lot is understood concerning the Celestials within the movies, however they’re a race of immense, typically armored beings able to extraordinary feats within the comics.

As he demonstrated in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, Ego can create matter and vitality and use it nonetheless he likes. Could Ego beat Thanos? Without the Infinity Gauntlet, Ego vs. Thanos can be a fast match. It’s an excellent factor he perished earlier than the occasions of Infinity War or Thanos may need been unable to perform his job.


Captain America’s superpowers are that he’s the final word human. He’s the most effective athlete, the strongest man, and easily the best a human might probably be. When he stood as much as Thanos and grabbed the Infinity Gauntlet to carry him again, Thanos was clearly visibly impressed. Here was a person, granted an extremely sturdy and highly effective man, however a human nonetheless, who stood as much as Thanos and held again the Gauntlet.

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While Thanos might have destroyed Captain America, he selected as an alternative to punch him together with his non-gloved fist. This knocked out the First Avenger, but it surely suggests Thanos was so impressed with him, he let him stay. Cap could also be sturdy, however as we’ve got seen, he is not stronger than Thanos – not less than bodily.


When it involves highly effective beings within the MCU, you do not have to look a lot additional than Dormammu. Hailing from the Dark Dimension, Dormammu made it his objective to infiltrate the MCU and take management of it. Only the Sorcerer Supreme stands in his manner and because of Doctor Strange and the Time Stone, he was defeated – for a time.

His powers are off the charts and corresponding to a god so he’s simply stronger than Thanos. Fighting the Mad Titan with out the Gauntlet would simply make him a victor, however he could also be simply as sturdy or stronger even with the Gauntlet thrown into the combination.


Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther

T’Challa, aka the Black Panther, is definitely a robust and highly effective human, however on the finish of the day, he’s only a human with some fancy know-how. Black Panther’s powers are just like these of Steve Rogers; he’s the final word human in power and reflexes, however these powers solely permit him to face as much as Thanos, not defeat him.

Even together with his Vibranium go well with, which is able to absorbing kinetic vitality and later releasing it, he isn’t capable of defeat Thanos. Vibranium has its limits and they look like the power and can of Thanos. When evaluating the 2, Black Panther is sort of insignificant towards Thanos’ power and powers.


Thanos is a robust being in his personal proper, however he required the Infinity Stones to perform his targets. Without them, he could also be sturdy, however he’s nowhere close to as sturdy as Wanda Maximoff, in any other case generally known as the Scarlet Witch. While he wants the Stones to make use of their powers, she was created through a Stone – or not less than, her powers have been woke up from one as revealed in WandaVision.

She demonstrated this energy when she efficiently destroyed the Mind Stone held in Vision’s head. Having the facility to destroy a Stone is considerably higher than having the ability to wield one. She even held off Thanos whereas she did it. Granted, he used the Time Stone to undo what she did, however she clearly demonstrated her power as higher than Thanos’ in that scene.


While the viewers did not get to see Scott Lang as Ant-Man tackle Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, he does contribute to the efforts in Endgame. Ant-Man’s power, regardless of him studying to make use of his dimension to a bonus, is far smaller than Thanos’.

Using human power as the dimensions of an ant could also be quite a bit when going up towards different folks, however towards Thanos, it is virtually nothing. In phrases of power, Lang does not stand an opportunity, however if you get to his tech and talent to entry the Quantum Realm, he might have a bonus. Only time (and future MCU movies) might inform for certain.


Many folks speculated that the rationale Thanos by no means tried to go after the Stones himself previous to the occasions of Infinity War was that he feared Odin. If Odin’s accomplishments and energy are thought of, that is probably an correct principle. Odin united the Nine Realms and defeated a few of the best powers within the universe to grow to be the Kind of Asgard.

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In a battle between the 2, it is unlikely Thanos would come out on high. He could also be a robust Titan, however towards an Asgardian like Odin, whose energy was primarily infinite, there is no such thing as a manner he might have received. It took Odin’s remaining finish for Thanos to provoke his plan and the viewers cannot actually blame him for that.


Glenn Close as Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy

The Nova Corps was launched in Guardians of the Galaxy as a robust group able to standing as much as the likes of Ronan the Accuser. Their work in thwarting his assault towards their house planet helped the Guardians of the Galaxy finally defeat Ronan. When the battle was over, they took possession of the Power Stone to maintain it protected from anybody who would possibly come on the lookout for it.

Thanos himself retrieved the Power Stone from the Nova Corps so that they clearly have been incapable of stopping him, even when he had no Stones to assist him. Unfortunately, this battle occurred off-screen and it was solely referenced in Infinity War, however their defeat at his palms clearly demonstrates the Nova Corps was weaker than Thanos.


Ronan the Accuser was working as a pawn for Thanos as he tried to amass the Power Stone from the Guardians of the Galaxy of their first movie. When it involves Ronan vs. Thanos, the previous isn’t any weakling.

Ronan clearly demonstrated his potential to wield an Infinity Stone, which is one thing virtually no one within the universe can do. It practically destroyed Star-Lord and the remainder of the Guardians, however he picked it up and slapped it on his hammer with out a drawback. Ronan did so in defiance of Thanos so he clearly does not worry him. With his hammer, in all probability even with out the Power Stone hooked up, Ronan would probably defeat Thanos in fight. Both are highly effective to make sure, however Ronan has the slight edge relating to power in fight.


Vision in Avengers Infinity War

Vision was created with and maintained the Mind Stone inside his brow, however he by no means actually confronted Thanos. In their try and take away the Mind Stone from his head with the intent to destroy it, the viewers by no means actually bought to see the android go up towards the Mad Titan. When the 2 did meet, he was simply picked up and destroyed when Thanos plucked the Stone from his head, however what may need occurred have been they to battle usually?

Sadly, the viewers won’t ever know, however given what’s been proven, it’s obvious that Vision, even with an Infinity Stone affixed to his head, is weaker compared to Thanos. Thanos actually did simply choose Vision up like a rag doll when he pulled the Stone from his head.  It wasn’t even a problem.


Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme and the Master of the Mystic Arts. While he is not as highly effective as The Ancient One, he can definitely stand his floor towards a being similar to Thanos. Many have speculated that he allowed Thanos to win the battle as that “was the only way” they may finally defeat him, however when inspecting their battle, it appears to be like as if Strange had an edge–for some time.

Not solely does Doctor Strange have an amazing many spells at his command, however his instruments and weapons additionally permit him to supersede lots of the capabilities of the Infinity Gauntlet. He might have continued the battle and will have received. Without the Gauntlet, it would not even be a query, however even with it, Strange’s powers are past Thanos’.

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