The beloved SpongeBob SquarePants by no means fails to deliver the giggles. SpongeBob is optimistic and constructive even within the worse conditions. From winter storms to a Santa-free Christmas, there’s loads of vacation cheer in these SpongeBob winter episodes. With his greatest good friend Patrick by his aspect, SpongeBob takes viewers on adventures beneath the ocean in his hometown of Bikini Bottom.

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Now that winter is right here, there are a couple of SpongeBob Christmas episodes (and winter-themed episodes) to look at. With the assistance of IMDb scores, SpongeBob followers can discover out which winter episode is value watching when the snow falls. Even Squidward can not help himself with regards to wintertime magic in Bikini Bottom!

Updated on December 20, 2021, by Lynn Gibbs: Once winter strikes, Nickeloden followers wish to know the greatest SpongeBob Christmas episodes to look at. And whereas SpongeBob SquarePants would not have too many episodes devoted to the spirit of Christmas, the present does have a couple of winter-themed episodes to cozy as much as. Many did not understand it may snow in Bikini Bottom, however when it does, SpongeBob, Patrick, and sure, even Squidward know easy methods to make it magical. 

11 “Out Of The Picture” – 5.3

spongebob snowman - spongebob squarepants

Fans ranked “Out of the Picture” because the worst winter-themed episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. It was the tenth episode of season 10 and revolved round Squidward’s artwork.

Spongebob fans pitied Squidward when he tried promoting his artwork on the Krusty Krab. But when Mr. Krabs shut it down, he despatched Squidward to Antarctica to deliver the artwork to a big-time purchaser. It was within the snowy land that Squidward encountered a snow sponge. Funny sufficient, SpongeBob was already in Antarctica consuming ice by the point Squidward received there. They then promote frozen Krabby Patties to a close-by whale earlier than heading again to Bikini Bottom to promote extra artwork. This was a fun-loving episode that introduced Squidward and SpongeBob collectively in a snowy terrain that was in contrast to their norm.

10 “SpongeBob’s Road To Christmas” – 6.7

SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton on land for Christmas

In season 13, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton traveled to the North Pole to fulfill Santa themselves and provides him a present after SpongeBob forgot to provide him it on Christmas Day. Plankton tagged alongside as a strategy to put his identify again on Santa’s good checklist, after all. The three received derailed and in one among SpongeBob‘s funniest live-action scenes, thought that Patchy the Pirate was Santa. Eventually, they discovered themselves within the North Pole speaking to Santa.

The adventurous story of the three made this one of many highest-ranking episodes and one of many jolliest holiday-related episodes.


9 “Kwarantined Krab” – 7.3

SpongeBob, Patrick, Pearl, and Mrs. Puff locked inside a freezer on SpongeBob SquarePants

“Kwarantined Krab” is not a typical winter-themed episode for the present, nevertheless it does showcase the flu season when Mr. Krabs got here down with the Clam Flu. A well being inspector assumed the restaurant was sick and positioned everyone who worked at the Krusty Krab or consuming inside it beneath quarantine. They locked the doorways and guarded the home windows so nobody may get out.

Winterscapes kicked in when SpongeBob was seen having a good time within the restaurant’s freezer. From sledding to consuming ice cream, SpongeBob considered quarantine as a sleepover together with his greatest buddies. The group even had a snowball struggle within the Krusty Krab freezer

8 “It’s A SpongeBob Christmas!” – 7.4

It's A SpongeBob Christmas

“It’s a SpongeBob Christmas” was the twenty third episode of the eighth season. To rejoice the vacations, this particular episode had an extended run time. It was Christmastime within the episode and Bikini Bottom was excited for Santa. As at all times, Plankton had an evil plan up his sleeve: to ship fruit cake stuffed with “Jerktonium” to Bikini Bottom to smash Christmas cheer. He additionally put all of Bikini Bottom on Santa’s naughty checklist, making him one of many least favored characters.

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SpongeBob helped ship the fruit cake (unaware of the Jerktonium) and the complete metropolis was quickly stuffed with indignant folks. Plankton was seen as the one one on the great checklist and was fortunately greeted by Santa whereas everybody else was on the naughty checklist for being jerks. SpongeBob then needed to save Christmas to get in Santa’s good graces once more. This seasonal episode was a beloved one and was animated in claymation.

7 “Frozen Face-Off” – 7.5

frozen face off - spongebob

Season 8’s “Frozen Face-Off” celebrated winter with a sled competitors. Everyone in Bikini Bottom entered as a result of the prize was $1 million. SpongeBob had Gary main his sled, Patrick selected gummy worms to take him to victory, and Squidward had a worm (who selected to sip tea as a substitute of win the race).

While everybody was making an attempt to win the money prize, Plankton was busy making an attempt to steal the Krabby Patty secret recipe. When the gang realized what Plankton was as much as, they tried to make a detour to the Krusty Krab. Shockingly, they froze whereas doing so. Sandy made a fireplace to heat everybody up in order that they may save the day (and hopefully win some money). The journey of this episode is what gave it a excessive ranking as a result of it confirmed how each character’s thoughts labored in a given impediment.

6 “Plankton’s Old Chum” – 7.8

Plankton's Old Chum - spongebob squarepants

“Plankton’s Old Chum” was a part of season 12 and confirmed Plankton making a pretend vacation for his personal profit. Most of Plankton’s greatest episodes revolve round him on the Chum Bucket, and this was no totally different. Plankton realized that he had nowhere to dump outdated chum. When he bumped into SpongeBob, he satisfied him that it is Chum Day — a vacation just like Christmas. On today, an individual is supposed at hand out chum as presents.

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SpongeBob fell for it and takes Plankton’s outdated chum off his arms and unfold it round Bikini Bottom. When town turned indignant over the filth, SpongeBob satisfied them it is a vacation! But simply as SpongeBob received the entire metropolis on board, the well being inspector deemed Bikini Bottom too filthy and put the blame again on Plankton. The hilarious premise of this episode is what offers it such a excessive rating.

5 “Shopping List” – 7.8

Sandy standing next to a fuzzy creature in 'Shopping List '

“Shopping List” would not embrace Santa or snowball fights nevertheless it does embrace cold-living yeti. In the episode, Mr. Krabs gave SpongeBob an intense purchasing checklist with odd issues that are not simply discovered. Sandy determined to assist SpongeBob since she was a contact braver than he was, particularly when it got here to taking the hair of a yeti.

A yeti is a big, legendary creature that tends to dwell in colder components, surrounded by snow and caves. Sandy and SpongeBob received the job executed when it got here to the yeti’s hair, however the Yeti finally tracked them right down to get it again. It was a small contact of winter magic that entered Bikini Bottom that followers beloved.

4 “Krabs Á La Mode” – 8.2

A split image of SpongeBob SquarePants sliding in the Krusty Grab with Squidward and friends

Season 5’s “Krabs a la Mode” confirmed Mr. Krabs turning the Krusty Krab into an unintentional ice rink for the winter season. For Squidward, turning down the warmth when it was frigid temperatures in Bikini Bottom was one of many worst things Mr. Krabs could have done. Due to the bills, Mr. Krabs set an alarm on the Krusty Krab in order that nobody may flip up the warmth. At the identical time, Plankton turned the thermostat as chilly because it may get to drive prospects out of the Krusty Krab and into the Chum Bucket.

Thanks to the chilliness, Mr. Krabs turned the Krusty Krab into an ice rink, full with Krusty Krab-themed skates and actions. Plankton turns into enraged that his plan failed and tries to stir the pot much more. The thought of an ice rink inside a quick meals joint made this episode a standout.

3 “Survival Of The Idiots” – 8.8

In the second season, SpongeBob and Patrick went over to Sandy’s home to play however discover her total dome coated in a defend with an indication that mentioned, “Keep out.” The two snuck in to search out Sandy asleep. However, Sandy did not seem like Sandy — she was a lot bigger and fuzzier than earlier than. The two greatest buddies realized that Sandy was hibernating for the winter however play in her snow-filled tree dome anyway. What occurred subsequent was an journey in opposition to a imply, hibernating squirrel.

2 “Christmas Who?” – 8.9

christmas who - spongebob

“Christmas Who?” was a SpongeBob particular that is seen as one among Nickelodeon’s toph holiday specials. In it, Sandy was adorning her tree and gearing up for Christmas. SpongeBob and Patrick by no means heard of Christmas and discovered all the things about it from Sandy. SpongeBob instructed Bikini Bottom about the vacation and Santa Claus and received everybody on board.

Bikini Bottom quickly turned a Christmas wonderland (except for Squidward), however when Santa failed to look on Christmas morning, Squidward took it upon himself to turn into Santa and provides cheer to Bikini Bottom. This was an enormous episode for Squidward and proved that he did not hate everybody as a lot as he mentioned he did.

1 “Snowball Effect” – 9.2

A split image of SpongeBob SquarePants having a snowball fight with Patrick

‘Snowball Effect’ is the highest-ranked winter-themed episode within the SpongeBob universe to this point. It was launched in season 3 and confirmed Bikini Bottom beneath a blanket of snow after an iceberg crashed above.

SpongeBob and Patrick proved they have been BFF objectives after they spent the episode having a snowball struggle, however issues took a flip when Squidward received concerned. The three constructed forts to guard themselves from the snowballs however Squidward went too far and realized he was having extra enjoyable than he thought he would. Nothing makes SpongeBob followers happier than when Patrick, SpongeBob, and Squidward get alongside.

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