The White Lotus lastly returned to HBO within the fall of 2022, thrilling followers who’d been eagerly ready to revisit to the titular resort. Despite the locale altering from Hawaii to Italy, the core of the present has remained the identical, specifically a solid of wealthy, useless and offended company whom viewers like to hate.

Watching hours of disagreeable folks interacting is enjoyable for viewers of a sure bent. Some exhibits are like The White Lotus in that their intent is for viewers to hate the characters, however typically audiences hate the solid due to how unlikable the story or their dialogue makes them appear.


10/10 The Mist (2017)

Redditor ClownfishSoup posts, “I watched the only season of ‘The Mist; tv series, and I was rooting for the Mist to kill everyone.” Not an incredible evaluate for the solid of the Stephen King adaptation that ran just one season, however others agreed with the evaluation.

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The characters in The Mist are usually not imagined to be unlikable, however the Mist is meant to drive them to do reprehensible issues. The problem many have with the characters is that they often begin out as unlikable within the first place and as soon as the Mist approaches, they grow to be whiny and boring somewhat than sensible and devious.

9/10 Friends From College (2017-2019)

Cast of Friends from College drinking wine and leaning against a bar in a line.

Some exhibits attempt to make their characters unlikable for comedy’s sake however find yourself overdoing it and turning them into unbearable caricatures. Reddit consumer Kiaiea factors out one present like this, “Friends from College but I think that was the point.”

Friends From College was a short-lived Netflix show about 40-somethings studying to navigate center age. While some discovered the characters too troublesome to narrate to, others thought that the present was nonetheless worthwhile and humorous even when the solid was charmless and exhausting to love.

8/10 Veep (2012-2019)

Tony Hale and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep Season 7 HBO

One Reddit consumer dohapad101 mentioned about their selection for a present with an unlikeable solid, “Veep was very funny, but i really did not want any of the characters to succeed”. If Parks and Rec is concerning the good authorities can do, Veep is the evil twin that exhibits how corrupt the system it’s and the way terrible one must be to achieve it.

Veep is one of the best shows on HBO and stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It’s a hilarious and acerbic tackle the White House and the machinations of individuals scrambling for energy however few if any of the solid are likable. Even Louis-Dreyfus who’s humorous and charming might nearly be thought of evil by the top of the sequence. No one finishes the present higher than they began and viewers are happier for it.

7/10 Succession (2018-Present)

Cast of Succession standing together for a promotional photo shoot

HBO has a knack for making cannot miss exhibits about horrible folks. About the whole Succession ensemble, Redditor EmployNo4461 writes, “They are all awful people.” The characters in Succession are both making an attempt to retain the ability they’ve by any means vital or grasp extra, stepping on anybody and everybody all of the whereas.

The consensus after Season 3 seems to be that everybody on the present is unlikeable, even beforehand beloved characters like cousin Greg suddenly became ruthless as he determined to start out hopping between ladies at his pleasure. It’s a testomony to the present that every character is disagreeable in their very own method, however audiences cannot wait to see them each week.

6/10 How To Get Away With Murder (2014-2020)

cast of how to get away with murder standing together and looking concerned off screen

Reddit consumer apkryptos commented that How to Get Away with Murder is “a slow burn on hating every single character.” The sequence sees an ensemble authorized protection workforce get themselves embroiled in a homicide plot. While this Redditor says that each single character turns into unlikeable and unwatchable by the sequence’ finish, there are just a few others who defend that as the purpose of the present.

The present is about authorized college students who get in over their heads and are pressured to grow to be powerful and harsh to outlive. While this makes for some unlikeable characters, it is also a dramatic selection about what folks do when their backs are towards a wall.

5/10 Grey’s Anatomy (2005-Present)

Adelaide Kane as Jules Millin, Harry Shum Jr. as Benson Kwan, Alexis Floyd as Simone Griffith, Midori Francis as Mika Yasuda, and Niko Terho as Lucas Adams in Grey's Anatomy S19

Some exhibits go on for such a very long time that the characters grow to be caught in loops as they need to repeat the identical arcs from previous seasons simply to make sure the present continues. Reddit consumer SymTrkl mentioned of long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, “The only nice thing I can say about that show is that the writers seem to hate those characters as much as I do.”

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Grey’s Anatomyis a phenomenon of scripted primetime tv, so even those that take problem with the solid can not help however admit that they nonetheless just like the present. Even although most of the solid members are whiny and self-centered, and worse, dangerous medical doctors, the writers of the present typically put them within the worst and most harmful conditions. So on the very least, followers get to see the characters get what they deserve.

4/10 Girls (2012-2017)

Cast of girls lined up for promotional photo shoot.

Redditor dohapad101 named Lena Dunham’s Girls as their decide for a present with unlikeable characters. They mentioned, “I always feel like smacking some sense into all the characters.” It’s true the characters in Girls are unbearable, spoiled 20-somethings in NYC who appear to make incorrect choice after incorrect choice, however disliking them is a part of the purpose.

Some followers of the present discover the life like depictions of a sure kind of girls refreshing and new and hating them is a part of the enjoyment. But there are others who discover the characterizations so untreatable to the purpose they cannot benefit from the present. Dunham’s world may be very particular in its satire so if one acknowledges it, they’re going to find yourself liking the present, regardless of disliking the solid.

3/10 Riverdale (2017-Present)

Cast of Riverdale looking at camera for promotional photo.

In regard to 1 CW TV sequence, Reddit consumer Ubiqfalcon posts, “I really enjoy Riverdale, but literally everyone is either a bad person at some point, or makes really bad choices…” Riverdale is a excessive idea show based on the Archie comics and starring a handful of younger, gifted actors, however even they cannot save the dangerous writing.

The idea itself is loopy however the state of affairs the solid is put into are much more absurd reminiscent of characters combating bears and profitable and supernatural cults. And characters not often behave in any regular method, they modify their personalities to suit the episode making it troublesome to root for anyone individual.

2/10 The Walking Dead (2010-Present)

The Walking Dead season 3 cast poster

When tv exhibits final for a few years, finally solid members find yourself leaving both for story functions or as a result of the actor needs to do one thing else. This can go away the remaining solid with not a lot to do as storylines disappear.

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Reddit consumer rtlkw posts about one in every of these exhibits, “Later seasons of The Walking Dead, after they started systematically getting rid of nearly everyone…” As the sequence continues onward, a lot of the essential characters from the early season have been written-off leaving a solid of much less attention-grabbing characters for viewers to observe. The growing frustration with The Walking Deadis effectively documented on the web and the disagreeable solid is an enormous a part of that.

1/10 Sons Of Anarchy (2008-2014)

Cast photo of Sons of Anarchy in black and white

Redditor Serpent_of_Rehoboam writes, “Pretty much every character in the last couple seasons of Sons of Anarchy was absolutely insufferable.” The motorbike outlaw present began off very robust however because the sequence continued on and fan favourite characters had been killed off, audiences began to develop bored with the characters actions.

The present has some excuses for the solid’s habits. It is a few felony motorbike gang in spite of everything so hating the characters is a part of what the writers had been going for. But most of the points viewers had with the characters was how they continued to make horrible choices that resulted in ridiculous conditions for the present.

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