BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was born to be a star! Everything she does is effortlessly stunning, and this was seen when she visited Incheon Airport on October 2 for her flight taking her to Paris Fashion Week.

She had many heart-stopping moments in this single short appearance.

Check them out below!

1. When she got out of the car

First up, the crowd went wild as soon as they saw her…and for good reason.

2. When she posed in front of reporters

There was no doubt that she was the main attraction.

3. When she had the sweetest smile

All Jennie needs to do is smile to make BLINKs swoon.

4. When she put on her mask

Even a mask can’t cover her magnificence.

5. When she bowed politely

Respectful and lovely, what’s to not love?

6. When she was close by

She’s even prettier up shut.

7. When she was a mannequin

She made the airport her runway.

8. When she was shy, shy, shy

Every facet of her is loveable!

9. When she flipped her hair

She’s effortlessly beautiful.

10. When even her profile from far-off was breathtaking

Finally, Jennie is attractive irrespective of how close to—or how far—she is.

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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Stuns Fans With Her Gorgeous Real Life Visuals On The Way To Paris Fashion Week

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